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9 out of 9 people found the following review helpful
  I never thought I would..., May 5, 2011
By jan...
I never thought I would feel this way about a pencil. I love it. It's balanced perfectly - how can it be both hefty and weightless? - and is exactly the right shape and weight for my hand. I write a lot and never tire of using the Smash. But as others have said, apart from this being an excellent pencil, there's something else, something indefinable about it. I have feelings for this pencil. Warm, emotional feelings. I love you, Pentel Smash.
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  All the other reviews..., May 6, 2009
All the other reviews are right on the money: this pencil is amazing, and the reason is quite perplexing. Sure, it's extremely comfortable, aesthetically delicious, and technically precise, but...there's just something there, something indescribable, and that makes all the difference.
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  i used to think this..., September 25, 2011
By bra...
i used to think this was the best pencil in the world, (said in my previous comment) but things all took a turn for the worst after a few weeks of usage.
1. The paint started flaking
2. The tip was bending
3. The pencil was just not living up to the high expectations i had

2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  OMG I LOVE THE PENTEL..., May 12, 2011
By guyt19
OMG I LOVE THE PENTEL SMASHHHH!!!!!!!!! Ok so this id=s the first day I've had it and I'm already in love with it. it has a great grip, style and just about everything else. Before I was a Pentel Graphgear 1000 user then I ordered a Uni Kuru-Toga. I was using it for about 3-4 months but just a couple week ago it broke. The lead wouldn't come out in small quantities, it would come out it huge pieces. (If you know how to fix this please let me know.) So then i returned to using my Graphgear. after a while I got sick of it and I was browsing through JetPens under the Pentel section (because that's my favorite brand) and I can across the Pentel Smash and the Pentel Graph 1000. I was torn between the two but after reading the reviews I decided to go with he Smash. This NOT a choice I regret. And considering the rareness of this pencil I HIGHLY RECOMEND YOU GET THE PENTEL SMASH!!!!
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  I use this pencil for..., April 24, 2013
I use this pencil for over 8 Months now, nearly daily. I'm drawing with it and it seems I either take good care to my stuff or my Smash is way stronger than bra...'s. ^^;
Because, my Pencil has not any of the mentioned problems. I am pleased with its lightweight design and the grips. Before I laid my hands on this one I used to draw with a Pentel Graphgear. This one was too 'heavy' for me... and had a kinda cold appearance at all. My Hands welcome the Smash much more. After more than a half year I'm still very pleased with this product.
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  this is another good..., July 13, 2011
By akh...
this is another good review fro the pentel smash, its an amazing instrument sweet looking, balanced well blah blah bla.
i do technical drawing and alot of free hand sketching and this is my no. 1 tool, the grip is really nice but after a while i just took it out with pair of forceps and its different but a really cool grip as well. i love this damn pencil!
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  Hey! I love you spaceship..., January 22, 2011
Hey! I love you spaceship pencil! So strong and precise almost like Rotring 600! Your body is nice to look at! But you stab me if I let you into my pants!
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  BEST MECHANICAL PENCIL..., October 13, 2010
By lrhale
BEST MECHANICAL PENCIL EVER. All my life I've felt an empty void... until I found this pencil.
  This pencil is a real..., February 27, 2013
This pencil is a real gem. I can honestly say that it's the best mechanical pencil I've held and I can tell it's going to last a long time.

++ I love the design! I know knurled grips are all the fashion, but honestly, the little rubbery dots on the Smash are so much more adorable and far more comfortable. The gently sloping tip is a wonderful contrast to the uncomfortable, terraced tip of pencils like the Kuru Toga. For people who grip their pencils low, the Smash is going to be much more comfortable. I'm a death-gripper, so these are big pluses.

++ The lead indicator is fixed, whereas in the Rotring 500, the indicator is loose and slides around freely.

++ It's such a reliable pencil. I know it's not going to fail me. My Kuru Toga has already started lead slipping.

++ The Smash feels great in the hand. It's hard to believe that this pencil isn't made completely of metal! The inside is plastic, but the barrel is metal. The pencil as a whole has a satisfying weighty feeling. It's heavier than the Rotring 500.

++ I don't know if it's just the lead inside the pencil, but the Smash is a dream to write with. So smooth and dreamy; this pencil just glides.

I recommend the Pentel Smash over the Rotring 500. I initially bought a Smash for my friend's birthday present, but after using it once, I really didn't want to let it go. I gave it to my friend and bought a Rotring for myself. I wish I'd bought another Smash instead! The Rotring's knurled grip and dramatic tip was a punishment to my fingers and doubled the size of my pencil callus. The Rotring is definitely a solid pencil, but the Smash is so much smoother, feels more at home in the hand, and seems to have more metal parts (I think part of the Rotring's casing is plastic). I gave in and bought another Smash, and I'm so glad I did.
  Best pencil I own. I..., November 1, 2012
By spa...
Best pencil I own. I prefer it in writing, graphing, drafting and doing equations. I prefer it even over my rotring drafting pencils. Just something about it that is just amazing. I'm ordering another just to keep a back-up incase anything happens to it. Just buy it.
  GREAT PENCIL - My new..., September 20, 2012
GREAT PENCIL - My new favorite!! Lead holds very well havent snapped any lead yet. Weight is very good and the knock is fantastic. Only complaint is that it is a little thin for my hand (i have large hands) and I dont care much for the nobby grip. Other than that - fantastic pencil at a reasonable price.
  This was one of my favorite..., September 8, 2012
By cbu...
This was one of my favorite pencils till I lost it :( It has a solid build and the grip is very interesting; however the pencil feels quite light. Excellent instrument excellent value !!
  This is a great unusual..., February 10, 2012
This is a great unusual drafting pencil. The grip is unique and the build is solid. Performance for price this is a definite winner.
1 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  Smashed by the Smash!..., August 20, 2011
By sha...
Smashed by the Smash! Love it, not sure why. Maybe it is the feedback it gives you- the way it sounds, the way it feels when you hold it, the way it feels when you're writing with it. It all says the pencil is quality & you're cool for having it.

I was showing it off to a friend at work, it went like this:
"What's so special about it?"
"Have you ever seen one like it?"
I smile.

Wouldn't hurt my feelings if it was a few dollars less, but I'll get the blue if I can find it (hint, hint JP) and probably another black just to have it. Cool pencil that just works.
  I really love this pencil,..., March 21, 2011
I really love this pencil, even more than my kurutoga!
it writes very very smooth, and the design is plain but still stylish

just be carefull with the nib! dont let it fall - once the nib is damaged, you cant use it anymore.

overall, the best pencil I ever had ;P
  I actually bought this..., February 18, 2011
I actually bought this pencil for looks. With it being a light pencil, and plastic to boot, I never thought I would like the feel of it but wanted to add it to the collection. Well don't let the material of what it's made of fool you. I find myself reaching for this pencil way more often than any other I have (mostly metal body's). Now I realize I actually prefer this weight to my heavier pencils. So as it turned out, it is currently my favorite. Great looks, excellent grip, and I never get tired of writing with it. Pentel has an excellent design here. In fact it seems that most of my favorite pencils have been Pentel's. Anyway, highly recommended!
  This is an amazing pencil!!!!!..., February 16, 2011
This is an amazing pencil!!!!!!! anyone who wants a good durable pencil, this is the one to get!
  As of writing i just..., February 9, 2011
As of writing i just received my Pental Smash, and after a quick 10-15 min writing session I can easily recommend this pencil to ALL casual writers and HARDCORE writers. Such as full time students and scholars. This writing instrument is well balanced, solid, sturdy design and great grip position are perfectly in sync and I can easily see this pencil becoming my primary.
  wow...this pencil is..., January 12, 2011
By ilu...
wow...this pencil is a dream. definitely recommend it.. i was attracted at first to its design but everything about this pencil is perfect. the price is scary for regular pencil users but it's realy worth it..
  i've spent a lot of money..., January 8, 2011
By dcd...
i've spent a lot of money on jetpens and other sites looking for the perfect pencil. This is it.

The first one I bought was from Jetpens, and I love it. It feels much more solid than other pencils, it has a dense feel that gives me the best control. It's comfortable to hold as well. The clicks don't give alot of lead so thats good or bad depending on who you are.

I liked my first one so much that I bought one in blue. I use both now, one at school and one at home. The black one that I originally got from jetpens I accidnetly dented the lead sleeve a little so it shaves the lead everytime I use it. I've gotten enough out of it that I'm not too upset.

I may order a third
  What a fantastic pencil..., January 7, 2011
By kbc...
What a fantastic pencil this is!! The grip is just so tantalizing and you don't get hand cramps every few minutes, I would definitely recommend this to anyone! But don't be fooled the eraser cap is NOT an eraser I found that out the hard way..... being as that i thought it could erase but actually smudges the paper. Stupid me I should have just used the actual eraser..... :)
  Don't be fooled by the..., January 2, 2011
By the...
Don't be fooled by the pictures online, this pencil is a lot sleeker in person. Compared to the Staedtler 925 25 .5mm that I also ordered, the grip of the Smash is noticeably more comfortable to hold, making the pencil a dream to write with (the square bumps certainly make the grip very comfortable). The Smash feels lighter in the hands and the plastic construction is SOLID. When writing, the Smash makes no noise as the construction is very tight, while the Staedtler 925 25 made "clinking" noises when the base of the cap touches the barrel.

Something to note:
I find that I break the lead a lot more frequently using the Staedtler 925 25 than the Smash. Both pencils are using Pentel's .5mm HB grade lead.

Overall, the Smash is a fantastic .5mm pencil to use in class or any other place in public as it is not flashy at all. It has an understated appearance, but for the owner, it is a treasured possession.

Verdict: Highly Recommended
  sick pencil, ive been..., December 11, 2010
sick pencil, ive been using it for about a year now and its so comfortable in my hand and improves my handwriting no doubt
  This is a damn solid..., December 3, 2010
This is a damn solid pencil without a doubt, in your hand it feels right at home.

Do not be mistaken by looking at the pictures, the body is of aluminum (or other metal) material and not cheap plastic.

It also looks even better in person! I would not hesitate to order more in the future (for back ups or for others)
  Folks the reviews here..., November 22, 2010
Folks the reviews here were not joking!! This is one of the most amazing pencils ever made. I bought the Platinum pro-use II, the Smash, graph1000 stein, Pilot s10 and S5, staedlter 925-25, XS. The Smash is the best of all. Surprised by how sturdy and solid it is. Great feel and weight. Functions flawlessly. How would I rank them
1. Smash
2. Pro-useII (fits in my hand so nice)
3. 925-25
4. Pilot S10 and S5 (both different but like them equally)
5. Graph 1000 stein (way too light, too much plastic, functions great, feels cheap)
6. XS (the Smash's pretty on the outside ugly inside cousin) Avoid