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  It looks plain, but this..., August 24, 2010
By chisel
It looks plain, but this is the best pencil.

It is comfortable. The lead advances precisely and minutely. The metal tube holding the lead is long and extremely sturdy. The balance is perfect.

I have owned many pencils, but cherish this one so much that I leave it at my main desk to keep it safe. Sometimes, on long trips, I find myself longing for my cherished pencil. (Even though I take pretty fancy pencils with me!)

best pencil.
  What really made me like..., August 21, 2010
What really made me like this pencil is the stealth looks and the medium weight; most pencil are too light or too heavy and it is an excellent drafting pencil. If I can find a good way to protect the tip without a pencil case, the pencil will be perfect to me.
  I have been using this..., August 18, 2010
I have been using this pencil for over 16 months and it has yet to disappoint in the slightest way. I've even dropped it on the lead guard a few times and simply bent it back, and it still performs flawlessly.

The pencil has a fantastic grip and is weighted perfectly. I can't stop myself from showing it off anytime someone asks about it. I hope JetPens can find it in different sizes because I'd buy them all. :D
  WOW!!!! What a AMAZING..., July 24, 2010
WOW!!!! What a AMAZING drafting pencil the best one iv'e ever used it has a nice solid grip great feel and satisfying click sleek black design and all around great pencil a must have for a connoisseur.
  WOW!!!! What a AMAZING..., July 24, 2010
WOW!!!! What a AMAZING drafting pencil the best one iv'e ever used it has a nice solid grip great feel and satisfying click sleek black design and all around great pen a must have for a connoisseur.
  I don't know what the..., June 10, 2010
By bui...
I don't know what the review below me is saying... but this pencil is worth $15.

Compared to many pencils that I've had, this one actually fits perfectly. It's very easy to hold, writes smoothly, and the "grip" fits to your hand. It's not as "comfy" as an alpha gel slim, but this fits better than many drafting pencils I've tried (in this price range). The tip is placed exactly where I like it, and it's easy to hold firmly due to friction. It also has perfect weight- a little more than an alpha gel slim, but it's great that way. The pencil makes writing and drawing much easier. The design is perfect "for me" since I can just place it in my hand without having to change shape or add much pressure. Overall, especially if you like alpha gels, give this a try. You won't regret it.
  I just received this..., February 11, 2010
By jkt...
I just received this pencil today and am VERY impressed. I love how it looks and works. I am a large collector and find this pencil better then other pentel products (1000 graphgear, etc). It is a MUST have for all collectors and might just send up your main pencil. I am a student of mathematics and spend a good percent of my day working with a pencil and think this will rival my trusty Pentel s55. the ONLY problem I see with this pencil is the long nib it has. I usually carry it in my pocket and hope that it does not get damaged.
  I've had my own Smash..., September 8, 2009
I've had my own Smash pencil for about a month, and it's a blast to write. Seems like the reviews here are all positive, and I have to admit, it is that good as it sounds. It's the best drafting pencil in my opinion, and even superior against the Pentel Graphgear 1000, despite me being a fan of the Graphgears for a long while. I decided to try out this Smash mainly due to the problems or annoyances of the Graphgears, as the metal body of it became very uncomfortable as a grip (and those rubber pads didn't seem to help too much), and since it was metal, the whole pencil became very chilled to a point that it kind of stings your hand whenever the classroom is kept cold. (I had my funny experiences trying to solve the unbearable coldness of the pencil by sticking it under my armpit, just to warm it up). At first thought of buying a plastic pencil, I was worried that it may be more breakable or have noticeable scratches and dents on it. Not the case, the plastic seems to be good quality, and most likely will be durable for a long time. The grip of the Smash is awesome to hold; it has this firm, but comfortable, rubber square paddings. The lead indicator is stable, and doesn't move around due to it's design. I love the red markings, they make 'em look professional. The clip is metal, and the eraser covering thingy has an awesome rubber spring-like design. The pencil clicks to advance the lead is smooth (though makes a slight squeak sound). I hope they continue to sell this product, it's definitely a pencil I want to use forever. Sad how I am departing away from my Graphgears that I once loved so much. Anyways, kind of pricey compared to others, but a pencil I haven't regret buying.
  Extremely comfortable..., June 6, 2009
Extremely comfortable pencil. Very satisfying textured grip for precise control. Just posted picture review of my first impressions in the pencils forum. Great addition to a drafting pencils collection.
  The attraction of the..., December 1, 2008
By trw52
The attraction of the Smash is a bit perplexing. It is certainly not a flashy or especially beautiful pencil -- some might call it nondescript! I guess it has a sort of stealth technology, paramilitary, "Hummer" look to it which appeals to some.

And it does have a warmer and more comfortable feel to it than some of high-end metal pencils on this site. The rubberized skin of this pencil is strangely satisfying.

In the end, though, it may be the smug satisfaction of quietly owning a pencil with a bit of history, uniqueness and collectibility.
  The Smash and Graph 1000..., November 28, 2008
The Smash and Graph 1000 have reclaimed their position on my list of favorite pencils. I am an avid user of the Pentel's drafitng series for quite some time and I must admit I feel into the trap of getting caught up in the Graph Gear 1000 craze with its sleek design and overall "coolness" by the looks of it. After using the Graph Gear for 2 years, I decided to go back and try the trust Graph 1000 and the new Smash. I was surprised how much better both of them feel in terms of comfort. I'll focus back on the Smash here, but boy am I surprised and how great this Pencil just feels. This is definately the Pencil to get if you want a no hassle Pencil that will not draw to much attention. Friends who use it will be surprised how comfortable it is while you don't look like a snob for having a Pencil that is to flashy.

I just don't have anything bad to say about this pencil, writes great, balance is perfect. I guess the only bad thing I have to say... it made my GraphGear1000 worthless as I never want to use it again.
  The Smash lives up to..., September 22, 2008
The Smash lives up to its position as one of the three pencils of those referred to as "Pentel's Wonders." For being mostly plastic, except for the guide pipe, clip and the inner lead storage tube (at least from basic observation), the pencil has a nice weight to it and is properly balanced. The rubber matrix is comfortable and provides a good grip. The plastic is also of a good quality. Aesthetically, its understated looks are great, in that stealth-black unassuming look, but it is anything but. A great pencil for both writing and drafting.
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  this is my go to pencil..., October 23, 2011
this is my go to pencil it is he best ever my second best pencil in my graphgear1000
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  This pencil is great..., May 31, 2011
This pencil is great the grip is very unique and the eraser cover is soooo cool I love it. It took a while for me to get used to the grip but it wright very smoothly and is very sturdy I recommend this to everyone
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  As a student excited..., May 5, 2010
By lup...
As a student excited for getting a pencil that was better (aesthetically, mechanically) than the 50-cent ones at Wal-Mart, my reaction to receiving this pencil was one of mild disappointment. Unless you're a pencil collector, I wouldn't recommend spending this much money on a pencil, since it's not that special. I also have one complaint with mine: the little rubber cap is a little crooked in the way it was molded, so it looks a little "off." Plus, it feels a little light in the hand for my taste, and it's obvious that the body is made of plastic.

I also bought the Uni-ball Shift Pipe Lock pencil, and I am much more excited about that purchase.