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Ok, it's a 4H. So if...
February 5, 2011
Verified Purchase
Ok, it's a 4H. So if you bought this lead expecting to get a discount at the next county fair, you will be disappointed:)

Seriously, though this is a hard lead that is remarkably strong. One common complaint against hard leads is that once they wear to a chisel point, the sharp point can grab the paper and cause lead breakage.

Well, this stuff is strong enough that it's more likely to tear the paper than to break. Newsprint or similarly cheap paper is a bad idea, as this lead isn't the right tool for that.

It's not very dark (which is why you buy this lead), but it is remarkably less scratchy than I expected. Heretofore, the hardest lead I had regularly used was a Mars 2H in 2mm.

I would say this lead is about as smooth as the Mars 2H--not nearly as scratchy as a 4H has a right to be.

Also, it is a 4H, so it wears like iron. This one tube will probably be willed to my kids.

All in all, pretty impressive for an uber-hard 0.5mm lead.
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In my career I have been...
November 21, 2012
Verified Purchase
In my career I have been spoiled by a set of 4H pencils that were probably made in 50s or 60s. They are supper smooth and lay down a line that is probably a lot fainter then what a 4H lead should. I loved them but I only have a few left so I have been on a quest to find replacements. Because I favor the mechanical pencil I tried this as one of my alternatives and I’m quite pleased. It is defiantly darker then what I was hoping for and it doesn’t glide across the paper like my old set of 4H pencils but unlike almost all other alternatives I have used it doesn’t tare the paper at all. It’s one of the best alternatives I have used so far and probably the one I’m going to end up using.
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