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This pen is a ball-point...
March 17, 2013
This pen is a ball-point fountain pen. It's extremely stiff despite the gold plate on the nib. It was scratchy at first, but after writing a couple pages of notes it was fine. There is zero line variation and it does not write very wetly (so it doesn't waste ink). However, it can still keep up with rapid note-taking, which is good.

The pen is very aesthetically pleasing because of its gold nib and shiny white-gold body (that looks like a brighter shade of silver). The pen so far has resisted scratching even though I've really only been placing it on a table or carrying it around in a soft case, and the body color looks as if it was painted on (the inside of the cap is white). The clip is part of the cap instead of being a movable clip and the window is a nice touch.

The medium nib writes on the thinner side of most mediums I've seen. It is a tad bit thinner than the Lamy Safari's medium nibs. It writes about as thick as a 0.7 mm pen. I use it with a Pelikan C499 converter filled with Oxblood Red ink, although it fits all standard converters and ink cartridges (even long ones, which is great for taking long pages of notes).

Unfortunately, the cap does not click onto the other end when posted and thus is not as secure as I would've liked it. However, I haven't had an issue with it sliding off because it hugs the pen body quite well and I have small hands that don't interfere with the clip too much. The pen is light, although I wouldn't call it the lightest pen ever, but it is light enough to make writing quite comfortable.

Overall, I'm surprised that a handsome pen like this wasn't selling for a knockout-high price. It comes with a large blue ink cartridge that I didn't really use. It's very appealing even though the plastic body seems strange compared to the gold-plated nib and is good for writing notes and things that don't need line variation (which covers almost everything that I do). The value of this pen is great!
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Good price for a fountain...
January 29, 2015
Verified Purchase
Good price for a fountain pen. A bit scratchy.
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