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May 11, 2012
I find product reviews...
I find product reviews fascinating because the same product can receive such a wide range of ratings and impressions. Sometimes, it's almost impossible to account for the apparent discrepancy. With the Tradio there is little uncertainty about why so many may react so differently. The way we hold the pen and the way we apply pressure and move it across the page can vary so dramatically that no single mechanism for delivering ink to paper can please us all. What we really need in reviewing pens is some way of characterizing our respective writing “styles.” I'm not going to try to do that here. But I will say that this pen appeals to me for much the same reason that a Varsity does. Not its partial disposability, which I find sad, but the fact that I can grab it and write impulsively and rapidly without annoying skipping or excessive ink. I don't look for a wide range of line variation, but there is no question that I can get substantial variation if I write slowly. I don't write slowly.

Maybe these reviews would benefit if those of us who take the time to write them could make more explicit comparisons of the pen we are reviewing to those we find to be preferable. Who knows, maybe one day we can create a writing instrument genome the way Pandora is creating a music genome. Of course, we would need to collect… well, I think that should be obvious.


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October 23, 2010
One of my all-time favorite...
One of my all-time favorite pens. Many here seemed disappointed that they were unable to vary the line width, but I have never had that problem. The key to making the pen alter widths is, first off, start with a very light touch. If you twist the pen gently while writing, you can create shading and different line width. Most of all, though, I just love the way this pen makes contact with paper. I tend to write quickly, and, as such, rollerballs tend to move too quickly across the page, and I literally "lose control" of them, and my handwriting suffers. Put the fiber-tip used in the Pental Tradio provides a great deal of friction, and, as a result, I end up writing slower, and with much greater control.

I first used this pen when it was marketed in the US as the "Pentel Fountain Pen", which was subsequently discontinued. (I was so disappointed, I actually called the public relations office at Pentel, and an extremely nice woman there went into her boss's private reserve stock, and sent me a half dozen of the pens for free!) The refillable version's has some issues...the clip has a tendency to break, and they refills seem to run out of ink faster than the old disposable kind.

Other than those minor issues, I love this pen.

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May 11, 2012
Sorry, I made an error...
Sorry, I made an error in my Tradio review. I wrote "Of course, we would need to collect… well, I think that should be obvious. " Instead of "collect" I should have typed "name it..." Great way to spoil a punch line, eh? BG

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June 29, 2010
I've used the Pentel...
I've used the Pentel Arts "Stylo" JM20, which appears to be a non-refillable version of the Tradio for the American market; the unique tip looks exactly the same, except on the Stylo the plastic part containing the felt nib is ivory-colored. I'm not excited by it myself. The line variation it gives, while not dramatic, is an advantage over other felt-tip pens, and the plastic nib does seem more durable than many felt brush pens. I haven't noticed bleeding, but I have had the problem of the plastic flicking little hair-lines of ink. For me, it can't compare to a flexible metal nib or a hair brush.

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November 5, 2014
I use this pen every...
Verified Purchase
I use this pen every day with my Moleskine notebook. For the price you can't beat it.

November 4, 2014
These are good pens and...
Verified Purchase
These are good pens and a good system. Just wish they came in other colors similar to the rollerball version.

July 20, 2010
Read the reviews and...
Read the reviews and took a shot, I like it, it is different but fun to write with. I'd love to buy an all metal one if I could find it. It also keeps coming unscrewed so I am going to buy a gasket for it eventually and that is why it loses a star.

July 16, 2010
My experience with this...
My experience with this marker has been nothing short of awful.

A big let down and the variable width line that it proclaims to offer is nominal at best and even after much care and effort is put into the angle of which one writes.

Seems like an overpriced marker to me. Others obviously disagree,..but I'm just expressing my experiences with it.

July 16, 2010
This pen truly baffles...
This pen truly baffles me. I absolutely hate it. I have tried to pull it back out several times to see if there is something that I'm missing that other love about it, and still it always comes up way short. It, my opinion, highly overrated. The expressive line that you get from almost a non factor at best.

It also has a weird feeling when you write with it and the tip to paper sensation on this one just feels wrong.

October 6, 2009
This is actually a very...
Verified Purchase
This is actually a very good pen - but if you are enamoured with fountain pens this will leave you a little disappointed. If you want to step up in felt tip pens this is a great pen. It's smooth, expressive and the tip is very strong without being at all scratchy. Where it imitates a fountain pen is in the thickness of the line with pressure - it does quite nicely AND it will write with the edge of the nib.

If you want a pen that will act like a fountain pen without exploding in your purse (or pocket) this is a great choice!