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February 25, 2011
This pen is comfortable...
Verified Purchase
This pen is comfortable to hold and joy to use. I have used it everyday since I received it and I have not been disappointed a single time. I write with a plethora of fountain pens that range from disposables to antiques and this particular one is second only to my Lamy Safari. You will not be disappointed in the purchase of this pen. Bold, blue ink with smooth flow. I can't write enough good things about this pen!

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August 7, 2012
Mushy tip that scratches...
Verified Purchase
Mushy tip that scratches and sprays ink when I write, even with a light touch. Also got ink all over my fingers somehow. Maybe a defective pen? I wonder since everyone else seems to love this pen. I threw mine away!

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December 8, 2011
For many years, this...
Verified Purchase
For many years, this has been my all time favorite pen but for a while I couldn't find it anywhere......until I landed on Waaaawhoooo!!!

For newbies, it may take some getting used to though. You can hold the pen at different angles to get different line thicknesses. I've found some folks have trouble getting used to that. But that's exactly why I like the pen!!!

For me, it's way better for every day use than a true fountain. I think of this more as a calligraphy pen. It's pure awesome in my book! Plus I like that I can get a refill and don't have to buy the entire pen every time.

I've got my other fountain pen junkies addicted to this one too. Trust me and try it!

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June 9, 2014
OM !! I love this pen...
Verified Purchase
OM !! I love this pen !! I love the ink ! I love the feel ! I love the tip ! I LOVE THIS PEN!

October 5, 2012
I have used the Tradio...
I have used the Tradio for years. The first ones I bought in Asia, but I have been buying them from Jet for at least five years so I am surprised to see it bein hyped as finally available in the US. These pens are great. I agree with one review that when they first come out of the box they might be a bit scratchy, but within a few sentences, the tip will wear the burr off and then you get a smooth, clean, fountain pen experience for a great price. I have had trouble with a few refills that leak where the nib meets the pen body. That is what prompted three stars instead of five. If they could solve this, it would be excellent. I dont like coming away from a meeting with a blue stain on my middle finger. I have solved it myself in the past with a wrap of tape at the seem between the nib and body.