Pentel Tradio Stylo and Pulaman Pen Refill Cartridge - Red

Pentel Tradio Stylo and Pulaman Pen Refill Cartridge - Red

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Refill for the Tradio Stylo or Pulaman pen.

Finally, the Tradio pen can be bought online! The Tradio Pulaman and Tradio Stylo pens are identical, and both have an obsessive following. How many times have you heard "I cannot LIVE without my Tradio!" Well, we've heard it a bunch of times, so here you go!

The refill features a thin calligraphy angled tip that can create a variety of line widths, from thick to thin, depending on the angle and pressure. Writes smooth dark lines and is great for taking notes or writing letters.

Get enough Tradio pens and refills to last a lifetime! Black, blue, and red ink available.

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These pens are an interesting...
December 12, 2012
Verified Purchase
These pens are an interesting bridge between a true fountain pen and a fiber tipped pen. I used them when they were disposable, and as the Tradio. A previous reviewer asked about cartridges - the pen tip is replaced along with the ink storage area, it is like buying a whole new pen. If you were enterprising enough, you could pull the nib and finned part out and refill with ink, sort of like the pilot varsity pens. It promises to be potentially quite messy, though, so be careful, and do it over a sink or something.
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out of all the pens I...
May 23, 2010
Verified Purchase
out of all the pens I have ever used - these are the best - I buy as many refills as I can, as I am always concerned that they are going to be discontinued...

there are no better pens out there, in my opinion
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Nice, I just didn't buy...
June 5, 2016
Verified Purchase
Nice, I just didn't buy the body. To essspensive.
Great flow, great dynamics,...
October 20, 2013
Verified Purchase
Great flow, great dynamics, good grip, it's a fountain pen that you can write with pressure and fast without any worries.
down sides:
no finer tips, and a little expensive for what it is.
wish i could put my own ink in the refill instead of buying the full refill cartridge. The colors available are limited and i wish there was more flexibility. does anyone know if there is a way?
there are some crackling and splashing with these tips in paper that is not super dense. This seems to go away with usage.
are there no converters...
November 25, 2012
are there no converters available for this pen? cartridge prices seem high.