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Although I did not purchase...
July 3, 2012
Although I did not purchase this pencil from Jetpens, I own the blue Twist-Erase III mechanical pencil, exactly as it looks in the picture, and I believe that it is excellent.
There are 2 major factors that make up a mechanical pencil, the first being the exterior (comfort, aesthetics, clip, etc). This pencil is 5.5" or almost 14cm long, and has a nice comfort grip that makes is easier to hold. Although the grip is not really squishy, it still cushions your fingers so the pencil is comfortable to write with. (However I sort of wish the grip extends a bit lower as I hold my pencils near the tip) The pencil clip is nice and tight, and not loose at all. The clip is also metal, so it most likely will not break easily. The upper body of the pencil can be twisted to advance the eraser, or clicked to advance the lead, and is intuitive and easy to use.
The second major factor of mechanical pencils is the performance of writing. A 3mm drafting sleeve helps add accuracy, even though this is not a drafting pencil. The eraser erases pretty cleanly and lasts a while (I have a Pentel Side FX that uses the same E10 eraser refill of the Twist Erase III. I've been using the Side FX for school for several years, and I have yet to wear halfway through the first eraser, which may partially be due to the fact that I also use other erasers. Just in case you wonder, the side FX is also a decent pencil, with a side advance button, twist eraser, and short drafting sleeve. Usually it's cheaper than the twist erase 3, but not as comfortable.) Under constant use, I expect the twist-eraser to last about 3 to 4 months. Refill erasers can be easily found at retail stores like walmart. The amount of lead advanced per pencil click is consistent, which is definitely good because you don't have to waste time trying to fix the amount of lead that came out so that you don't end up accidentally breaking the lead. I hate it when pencils are inconsistent when they advance lead, so luckily I don't have that problem with this pencil.
Overall I am glad I purchased this pencil. I have checked two other places, (amazon, walmart) and found the pencil to be cheapest here on Jetpens. If you just want a good quality pencil that is not too expensive and will serve you well, the Twist-Erase III is probably the way to go. However, if you want more task-specific pencils for drafting, you will probably be better off with a sharps, Graphgear 1000, shift pipe lock, etc.. Compared to similar pencils, like the Pentel Side FX, although the Side FX is cheaper, it is just personal preference to which pencil is actually better. You may like the twist-erase more, you may like other pencils more. My conclusion is that this pencil is worth it's cost, and if you need a pencil, you won't regret choosing this one.
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I loaded mine up with...
August 17, 2012
Verified Purchase
I loaded mine up with some dark Pentel 2B .5mm lead and it writes amazingly, no lead breakage at all. The real incredible thing is that this pencil can take blue and red .5mm colored uniball leads too and they don't break. They're not the darkest colors for writing (although blue is ok) but nice for underlining or drawing. The eraser does a perfect job on the 2B lead totally erasing it like it was never there. The eraser can even erase most of the colored lead which isn't usually easily erasable. I'm not sure a better pencil exists outside of the expensive japanese imports, but even they have tiny erasers. Pentel should keep this exact mechanical design with all their future pencils but offer more updated designs and grip styles. You can't go wrong getting this pencil, but whatever you do don't get a plastic mechanical pencil.
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This is a chunky pencil,...
September 6, 2015
Verified Purchase
This is a chunky pencil, even chunkier now than it's earlier version which I also have. In general I like a slimmer pencil but this is the main exception - the only exception actually - but I like it enough and it's cheap enough that I've bought different sizes and colours. It just feels good to write with. (And the twist out eraser, by the way, is as sturdy as the rest of the design).
I bought this as a gift...
February 26, 2015
Verified Purchase
I bought this as a gift to a 10 year old to be used instead of an ever unsharpened wooden pencil so that 1) her writing would be less messy 2) she would erase her errors. Both have happened, and the pencil is in daily use. The grip is comfortable, the eraser is LONG and the mechanism takes a lot of abuse without a whinge. Good thing that eraser refills are so easily available, too. Good price. The pencil feels a bit flimsy to an adultĀ“s hand.
Just purchased this pencil...
September 4, 2012
Just purchased this pencil from Jet Pens and I'm quite impressed. I was turned on to the Twist Erase III when I picked up the Twist Erase XP (3-pack) from Target for three bucks. Curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to see the differences. The XP is an inexpensive relative to the III. The entire body is plastic and light weight. The III has a metal sleeve and pocket clip and does have a bit more heft to it, which I like. Other than this, the bodies are the same length but have slightly different proportions along with slightly different materials used on the grip. Overall I prefer the more solid feel of the Twist Erase III and I do expect to be using this pencil a lot in the long term.
A very good pencil for...
June 25, 2012
A very good pencil for the price.
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