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This is my favorite pencil...
January 13, 2013
Verified Purchase
This is my favorite pencil for daily use. The eraser is easy to replace, which is obviously not very often, because it is at least an inch long (in full available length). Also, the reason I have never replaced this pencil with something like the Alpha-gel, is because the lead does not extend when the eraser is being used. If you look at the design of the pencil, you can see why. All in all, this is a great general writing or school pencil. (Also, it is one of the only twist erase pencils I have found. Papermate sells a twist erase pencil also, but it very low quality and over time pieces broke off until it was useless.)
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Year after year, this...
March 19, 2013
Year after year, this is my go-to mechanical pencil.

The jumbo, plentiful eraser puts the puny erasers found on almost every other pencil to shame. I don't believe I have ever experienced a single problem with advancing lead or transitioning to the next piece of lead.
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Had this pencil for a...
March 7, 2015
Had this pencil for a few months now, I use it for both school work and illustrations and I have to say it's really good. The twist up eraser is perfect unlike other mechanical pencils where those little tiny erasers are stuck there once you use them, plus the metal tip ensures the lead goes out properly unlike the others that have the regular plastic top that the graphite can get stuck in. Bonus points for the metal clip on the side, I can't stand pencils when those break, but even after being tossed around and crushed under heavy school books, this pencil still comes out strong.
The grip is really nice...
November 17, 2014
Verified Purchase
The grip is really nice and the eraser is very big and good quality. The pencil can also be pulled apart at the body to insert lead which is easier than removing a eraser and inserting a lead that way.
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