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July 25, 2012
This is the only ballpoint...
Verified Purchase
This is the only ballpoint pen that can compete with the Jetstream, if not on looks then at least on writing ability. The ink is incredibly smooth and dark, about equal to the Jetstream which, if you know that pen, you know the quality of the ink that Pentel is up against. That being said, they've done a great job in formulating a smooth-writing ballpoint that can compete against Uni-Ball's Jetstream.

However, the pen does feel fairly cheap and the aesthetics are not that great. The grip is also kind of annoying that way it tapers and the way the ridges are part of the plastic casing itself. Nevertheless, it's a very smooth pen so kudos to Pentel for making a great ballpoint that can meet, although not surpass, the Jetstream.

November 7, 2011
I ordered this pen just...
Verified Purchase
I ordered this pen just because it was a new item and it's description said it was "super smooth". The description was spot on...this pen is wonderfully smooth writing with dark ink. I really like using the pen. In fact, I've ordered a couple of other colors and several refills.