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In short: These are dry,...
October 26, 2011
In short: These are dry, gritty, and leave a fine dust behind. Annoying and smudgy.

The only eraser refills I can find to fit my Alvin Draftmatic sold locally are these. I use them for note taking, so I like built-in erasers over block erasers and tend to go through them pretty quickly. The erasers that come with the pencil are a dream, and I'm sorely disappointed when I use one up because I have to resort to these.
These erasers are gritty-feeling, smudgy, and bad at what they're for. I actually found Jetpens while looking for the actual Alvin brand refills so I wouldn't have to deal with these anymore. These are precision-sized erasers that do not do a precision job. I have some Alvin Draftmatic eraser refills on their way to me now. If they fit my pencil like they should, I'm never touching these again.
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you could get a very...
August 12, 2011
you could get a very good block eraser for the same price instead of just three little erasers... waste of money and the erasers arnt that gud anyway
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This refill is very expensive...
February 26, 2011
This refill is very expensive on JetPens. You can get for free in some mechanical pencil bundles.
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