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  I got this pencil from..., October 18, 2011
By fra...
I got this pencil from my gf and it is freaking awesome. She was complaining about how cruddy my handwriting was from using those fat dr.grip mechanical pencils so she gave this to me and I have been using it ever since. It is pure awesomeness :D
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I like the way the pencil..., August 22, 2011
By med...
I like the way the pencil is compatible for those of you who are in high school and your teachers speak very fast in the way you could just shake it. The grip is still okay, but if you push too hard on it, you could get the imprint on your fingers. :P Overall, the pencil itself is OK, the grip is kinda annoying still.
  I have had this pencil..., July 18, 2013
By ethan
I have had this pencil for a while now and have learned a few tricks to it, like some the reviews above state the grip is pretty crappy and in my opinion it hurts peoples fingers pretty badly. So if you have a pilot Color Eno just switch the grip and it makes it a lot better.

  Got this as a gift. At..., April 14, 2011
By gee...
Got this as a gift.

At first i had a hard time taking the cap off. The plastic blue part on the cap came off and went back on fairly easy so i didnt break it, whew. But it took me a while to get it off so i could refill the lead. The shaker okay but i prefer the dr. grip shakers, they use less effort to shake. The grip is rubber but its still hard, not as soft as the dr. grips. its an okay pencil but isnt comfortable for me to write with for long periods.
  _3_3_3 this pencil rocks!!!!..., November 20, 2010
_3_3_3 this pencil rocks!!!! I hate those mechanical pencils with fat grips. They slow you down a LOT.
  I first used this pencil..., May 17, 2010
By kya...
I first used this pencil a couple of years ago when my uncle gave me one from Japan. I liked the pencil instantly and was afraid to use it at school because I was scared of losing it. I think this pencil is best suited for people who like thin mechanical pencils and do not need a cushy grip. While the grip is not the best ever made, it is comfortable enough and can be used for extensive periods of time. I personally like the spring near the eraser of the pencil because it feels like it gives a powerful push to the lead every single time its pushed down on. And this was before I found out what the spring in the middle of the pencil was for! The shaking ability made possible by that middle spring comes in handy especially when you're busy jotting down thoughts and are too busy to reposition your hand to advance the lead.
  Found this pencil laying..., May 1, 2010
Found this pencil laying around my house one day from a gift I received a while ago, and decided to try it out. Its not bad, but compared to many of the higher end class of pencils I would, its pretty average. The grip feels quite slippery, and since I'm used to writing at the very bottom of the pencil, near the lead almost, the grip seemed a bit useless. As I mentioned before, it was very slippery, and hard to write with as a result. Perhaps that was just my palm sweat building up over time, but it still was very difficult to use. When you use the eraser too much, it gets jammed, and the only way to put in lead is to screw the cap off, and put it in the tube that it normally gets put in. A little time consuming, but at least it works. For 3 bucks not a bad deal, and it won't really jam, but still not the greatest.
  Great pencil and lasts..., March 7, 2010
By jj_wyl
Great pencil and lasts for a long time. I've had mine for almost three years and it still hasn't broke yet. This color is actually a bit darker then in the picture.
The only thing I don't like about it is whenever I move the pencil, it would make noise. __
  a little darker in person..., April 16, 2009
a little darker in person but it's nice!
although.. the weight is seriously ugly lol
but it works perfectly!
  i use to own this pencil..., November 18, 2008
By zh_mad
i use to own this pencil three years back but it wan thrown down but later i bought one at the bookstore and later ababdon it so , i uesd to like shaker pencils as it has the awsome features.....
  I absolutely LOVE LOVE..., August 14, 2008
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this pencil :) The color is a cute light blue, it looks a little different from the picture but in a good way! However the cap can be easily misplaced and the eraser gets jammed when it has been used too much D:
  I had a neon green coloured..., September 28, 2007
I had a neon green coloured version for nearly four years, and was crushed when I lost it one day. As someone who draws a lot, I've gone through many pencils and this is my favorite brand. Its shape isn't intrusive and the grip almost seems to gradually accentuate itself to your hand over time. Its such a great pencil I went through the trouble just to order it from this site, since it isn't sold in the US.
  I have had one of these..., May 8, 2007
I have had one of these for atleast 5 years... and it still works!!! When we lived in Japan I bought one of these, and I was so saad when I thought I had lost it!! And since you can't get them in the U.S., I bought one on JetPens, and my 5 year old pencil works just as well as this new one!!!!