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February 6, 2008
The Pilot Super Grip...
Verified Purchase
The Pilot Super Grip 2020 is one of my favorite mechanical pencils. This pencil is well balanced and writes well. Its grip is really great, and it allows you to write for a good amount of time. I must say though, if you use it for too long, depending on how you hold the pencil, your fingers may get worn out. The shaking mechanism is very unique, but I fell that it makes the inside of the front of the pencil more dirty, due to loose graphite particles. Its still fun to use though.

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May 4, 2011
This is a good pencil,...
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This is a good pencil, however, it gets three stars for a reason somewhat substantial to me. I cannot seem to write comfortably with this pencil. Some pencils lend themselves to good handwriting, but not matter the type of grip with this pencil it will not work comfortably with my hand. Now for reference, I'm a 280 lb. tall guy with big hands, and being that I own a lot of mechanical pencils I'm very picky.

Besides my ergonomic issues though, the pencil functions flawlessly. The shaker mechanism works reliably and you don't have to give it shaken baby syndrome for it to work. Unfortunately, the ergo issues are enough for me to never use this pencil.

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March 11, 2011
This is an excellent...
Verified Purchase
This is an excellent shaker mechanical pencil. The pilot 2020 is a great and CHEAPER alternative to the Uni Alpha Gel series. Also, when it quits working you can see what is wrong because it has a transparent barrel.

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June 14, 2009
this is the best pencil...
this is the best pencil ever!!!! i like the shaking part... =)

May 26, 2010
extremely bad...
extremely bad