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This pen has the exact...
April 17, 2009
Verified Purchase
This pen has the exact same color as the Zebra CLIP-ON MULTI in the F series, active green color. I like the Zebra more, because it has a "binder" clip on it, and this does not. I thought the little "cutout" areas on this pen's grip would give it a unique feel, but you can't really even feel the cutouts - it's like they are just there for looks. Both pens have about the same smoothness to them.

This pen is still nice looking, but it does not have enough uniqueness to warrant keeping it, when the Zebra Clip On-Multi is so similar, and also has more features, for the same price. One of those surprising instances when Zebra wins out in a head-to-head with Pilot.
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Great pen if space is...
November 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great pen if space is the issue
extra fine ink, great for writing clearly in small spaces
Cool multi pen...
December 20, 2014
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Cool multi pen
This is a great pencil!...
February 15, 2011
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This is a great pencil! I've had it for almost a year and it still works fine. The only thing is that the pencil grip got quite dark and the black ink stopped working. There's still ink in it, but there's a space so the black ink can't get to the nib. Other than that, this pencil is absolutely flawless. I love it so much, I use it every day for school or anything else that requires a pencil. The pencil is easy to use and the ink for the pens are smooth. I would definitely recommend this pencil, it's absolutely worth the money. It's also extremely durable. I can't tell you how many times I dropped it and I still use it!
I really like this pen,...
July 17, 2009
Verified Purchase
I really like this pen, and I just got it in the mail! It is light weight, so you are not dealing with a heavy pen. I also have the Dr. Grip 4+1 in hot pink, which I also love. Heck...I love pens in general. After figuring our how to use the pencil, this pen and the other Dr. Grip 4+1 are really great pens. No need to switch back and forth with different colored pens...this one has it all!
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