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February 21, 2013
I really like this red...
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I really like this red pen. The ink rolls out smooth just like the name advertises, and the ink does not skip. I also really like the ink color, it's a nice medium red shade. The rubber grip also has a nice subtle curve to accommodate fingers. I will definitely buy this pen again and in other shades.

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August 18, 2011
Nice color. I love the...
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Nice color. I love the grip because of the shape, but it doesn't give not soft, but still comfortable. Better than the .5 jetstream color. Smoother. The jetstreams are stratchy. Overall one of my top pens. I would like more colors in .5. Get it!

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November 10, 2014
Smooth, dark, very fine,...
Verified Purchase
Smooth, dark, very fine, precise writing. A great pen! Wish they had a 0.7 mm red also. I like 0.7 mm for general writing, 0.5 mm when marking in tight spaces where precision is important. Writes smooth and dark like gel but no bleeding like a ballpoint.