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The unique low-viscosity hybrid ink in Pilot's Acroball pen has the vibrancy of gel ink and the quick-drying and water-resistant properties of conventional ballpoint ink. The result is vivid, long-lasting lines whenever you write and draw. A blend of ink and lubricants ensures that the ball at the pen tip rotates smoothly, creating a gliding, no-skip writing experience. The rubber grip also maximizes writing comfort, featuring a tire tread-like texture and curved contours to give you a non-slip hold.

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As far as ballpoint pens...
February 13, 2015
Verified Purchase
As far as ballpoint pens go, I am usually a fan of the 0.5mm tip size, as it puts down super fine lines, usually is super smooth, and is great for notes. So when I bought this, it was only to reach the perfect 25.00$ in my cart. I didn't think too much of a bold ballpoint pen. Many of my close friends recommended I try a 1.0mm Jetstream as it glides across any kind of paper, but I was hesitant, preferring to use my 0.7mm one. I loved the 0.5mm Acroball, and boy can I tell you, I LOVED this one. The ink was ridiculously smooth. Sometimes I forgot I was holding a pen and thought I was rubbing a hot butter stick on a heated pan. Absolutely no friction. The blue was a blue that even today I compare other blues to. The grip is awesome, but not the best for intense study periods. Although I bought it only to fill up my cart, I can tell you right away: BUY THIS PEN!!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!
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A great pen. These hybrid...
April 16, 2016
Verified Purchase
A great pen. These hybrid ink pens write super smooth - effortless compared to a traditional ballpoint. The blue is rich and doesn't skip.

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