Pilot Ageless Future Gel Pen - 0.7 mm - Carbon Black Gray Body

Pilot Ageless Future Gel Pen - 0.7 mm - Carbon Black Gray Body

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The Ageless Collection is a line of distinguished pens that embody timeless design, quality, and performance. Aptly titled the "Future" series, these pens feature sleek metal bodies with an attractive combination of metallic and chrome finishes. A double-twist mechanism is used to retract the pen. One twist retracts the ink tip and a further twist retracts the entire nose of the pen, resulting in a very clean and minimalistic look. The pen comes with smooth black ink inside; refills in additional colors are available.

Each "Future" pen is packaged in a unique cylindrical gift tube made of shiny white plastic, which can also be used as a display stand for the pen. The cylindrical tube is further packaged in a glossy white paper box.

Note: This pen is compatible with the gel ink refills listed under Recommended Refills/Parts. Ballpoint ink refills are not compatible with this pen.

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Overall, I'm enjoying...
August 26, 2015
Verified Purchase
Overall, I'm enjoying this pen greatly. While the refill which came in the pen is fine (excellent—if not water-proof/-resistant—ink, generous flow, smooth ball that produced a consistent line; IOW, exactly what I expect from a Pilot gel ink refill) I did search around and find 0.5mm Pilot refills since I do prefer finer lines (mostly because I tend to write small).

I like the substantial feel of it in spite of it being predominantly plastic. The distribution of that weight is biased greatly toward the section (the "grip" portion of the pen).

The only real down-side I've found to this particular pen is that I occasionally find myself trying to write with "nose cone" because I unintentionally gave the barrel a twist as I was writing.

I've only had the pen for a couple of months, but I've used it daily and probably will until it breaks.

I've had excellent experiences with Pilot pens. A number of times, I've wondered if the fragile-seeming plastic will last, wondered when it would become brittle and begin disintegrating—hoping that it won't happen while I'm trying to write. Those fears have proved groundless in the past. Of the only Pilot pens I've owned about which I thought that, the only ones I don't still have and use on a regular basis were lost or suffered trauma which even steel-bodied pens wouldn't have survived. I'm hoping this one will continue that trend, but I'll be sure to update this review if that proves not to be the case.
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This pen fits it's name...
December 29, 2014
Verified Purchase
This pen fits it's name and is a joy to write with. I love the .7mm line and it is smooth and effortless to move across the paper. I usually go for pens with some kind of ergonomic grip, but this pen is comfortable even without a padded grip. I would recommend this pen and may give it as a gift. I've determined that I am a Pilot fan.
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