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I really love this pen....
October 29, 2012
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I really love this pen. It has an excellent weight and balance, the pearly white finish is stunning, and the double twist mechanism is really slick. The ink is nice and smooth. I wish I liked the other barrel colors, because I'd get one just for red ink, and one just for black ink. Beware of the Ageless Future collection - I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend (a really witty birthday gift, IMHO - an "Ageless" Future, LOL!), and discovered that it dents and scratches easily. The Ageless present collection is plastic/resin, but feels heavy and substantial. Get it!!!
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Christina O
This pen looks good and...
September 22, 2011
This pen looks good and feels good in hand, and writes very smoothly. That said, it's just a ballpoint and the refills alone are $5 each.

Unless you really like the aesthetics of this pen, there are lots of less expensive ballpoints that write good... I seldom use this pen.
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