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Very nice pencil, the...
November 27, 2013
Verified Purchase
Very nice pencil, the grip (which is surprisingly nice without being too soft) has a nice effect when you squeeze it.
I would definitely recommend this pencil as it's great value.

The only con i could think of is that the plastic body actually wiggles slightly on both of the models i ordered, giving it a little bit of a rattle when picking it up, putting it down, but this in no way affects the writing experience which is lovely.

But the cap is tight enough to never fall off, and the mechanism works perfectly. Advances just the right amount of lead.
Great pencil would buy again definitely
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I have to admit I was...
March 11, 2009
Verified Purchase
I have to admit I was a little skeptical about the whole, hand cooling system. BUT I was amazed to find that it actually was true! My fingers tips always get this warm, uncomfortable sensation when I'm drawing, and the main reason I bought this pencil was because of it's price, and the small 0.3mm lead. But with this little cutie wasn't getting the warmth anymore. The colors are beautiful pastels, and are at the small length of almost 5 1/2 inches. Which in my opinion is very cute for a pencil. It's also thin, and the grip isn't to cushy, but it is very smooth. I absolutely adore this product, and would recommend it to anyone! The only problem I can see with this pencil is that the eraser runs down rather quickly. But that's basically with any mechanical pencil...
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this pencil is really...
March 17, 2010
Verified Purchase
this pencil is really good!
and for $3.00 it is so much better than the ones i used to buy at other stores and the pencil grip is soft but not gel soft, but don't let that discourage you from buying.
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Im normally a pen person...
July 15, 2015
Im normally a pen person but when i first saw this mechanical pencil i was amazed by how light it was and how comfortable the grip was as well. It came in a really nice light pastel blue color which adds some nice color to anyones school or work day! This is an amazing afforable pencil I never knew though that this pencil was suppose to have some cooling effect on my hands but now that i think of it after using it for long hours of drawing and writing the tips of my fingers dont hurt like they use to! I would absolutelty recommend this pencil to just about anyone its cute,nice quality,affordable, and comfortable to use! :)
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These pencil is adorable...
March 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
These pencil is adorable but if you write very hard or fast, I don't think I would recommend it as the lead will break every other 30 seconds you're using it. Had to switch to a sturdier pencil because of this. But really, if you write lightly, small, or slow then you might love this pencil.
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For someone whose handwriting...
February 8, 2015
Verified Purchase
For someone whose handwriting is really tiny, I found this pencil really great for taking down notes with. Not sure why I didn't convert to 0.3 sooner! It's fairly light though, so if you're looking for a weighted pencil I'd avoid this one.
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for the price it's really...
November 23, 2012
Verified Purchase
for the price it's really good :) Sometimes small pieces of lead get stuck in the tip and I have to spend ages getting it out...but the grip is really nice and I've done a lot with it!
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These are great pencils....
March 28, 2012
Verified Purchase
These are great pencils. They're comfortable to hold and they have a tiny bit of weight to them, which is really nice. The gel grip feels really good too.

The erasers don't last long at all, but unfortunately, Jetpens is sold out of them. If they're ever in stock again and you tend to erase a lot, definitely get a few refills.

The colors are very nice too. I love having multiple pencil colors to differentiate lead grades easily and these pencils are perfect.

And lots of people tend to think that .3mm lead breaks very easily, but I haven't encountered a problem with it.

I would highly recommend these pencils!
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Awesome, I was looking...
April 5, 2011
Verified Purchase
Awesome, I was looking for a fine pencil and this is wonderful. I do wish it was a bit longer and the grip was better (a hard grip, not really all that great) but overall I love the colors and the pencil.
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the design is very beautiful...
January 7, 2010
Verified Purchase
the design is very beautiful and the pastel colors are really great. the grip isn't as squishy as the ax gel pencils, but it isn't exactly hard. really good pencil!!!
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