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  I bought the white one..., May 19, 2011
By hjd...
I bought the white one because I like the color and the other colors are too feminine for my taste. For my money (very little of it) this is an excellent pencil. I own a bunch of more expensive pencils (like a staedtler 925-35, ohto promecha, uni shift, a few pentels, a platinum, etc. {yes i'm a geek}) (I had a Smash but lost it :(... ) and I strangely find myself constantly reaching for this one. The grip is great but what I really like is the weight and feel. It's cheap enough where I don't worry bout breaking or losing it and yet it looks simple and cool enough to enjoy its looks while I use it. Not everybody likes a heavy pencil, although I do enjoy them on occasion, what I like is a pencil that I can forget about as I draw but still appreciate as I don't. I wish I could describe more accurately why I like it so much but I'm not sure I even know. For me, this doesn't take away from my enjoyment but adds to it. This pencil blows all other pencils in it's price range ($3!) into oblivion.
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  For a $3.00 mechanical..., August 1, 2010
For a $3.00 mechanical pencil, this thing is simply awesome. Given it's low price tag, I don't see a good reason for anyone not to order this thing, even if it's just for novelty. It even looks awesome. Excellent value for money.
2 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  I have to admit I was..., March 11, 2009
I have to admit I was a little skeptical about the whole, hand cooling system. BUT I was amazed to find that it actually was true! My fingers tips always get this warm, uncomfortable sensation when I'm drawing, and the main reason I bought this pencil was because of it's price, and the small 0.3mm lead. But with this little cutie wasn't getting the warmth anymore. The colors are beautiful pastels, and are at the small length of almost 5 1/2 inches. Which in my opinion is very cute for a pencil. It's also thin, and the grip isn't to cushy, but it is very smooth. I absolutely adore this product, and would recommend it to anyone! The only problem I can see with this pencil is that the eraser runs down rather quickly. But that's basically with any mechanical pencil...
  Love this mechanical..., July 4, 2014
Love this mechanical pencil. Haven't really used 0.3mm pencils before as I thought the lead would break easily. It has a really nice feel in the hand. I bought one of each color. I would like to see this style in 0.5mm, o.7mm, o.9mm & 1.3mm lead sizes besides the 0.3mm. A great pencil with just the right balance & feel. Price is great. I would recommend this pencil to others.
  I wasn't sure how I'd..., March 11, 2014
I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this pencil at first, mostly because I've never worked with a .3mm before. I have to say it's quickly become one of my favorite pencils. The lead comes out in perfect amounts. The grip can attract a little bit of lint, but I try to keep it in a pencil case so that doesn't happen. I'm not sure what lead this pencil comes with but it's not impressive. I went through two sticks of lead in about two months and it smears a little. I look forward to replacing the lead and using my pencil again!
1 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I use hard lead and write..., January 25, 2013
By ame...
I use hard lead and write soft, even so, sometimes the lead still snaps. The only problem I've experienced is that the silver part will become loose after a little while. Twisting it back on fixes the problem, but I know when to do it because the change in control is noticeable. Also, when I click the lead down, it doesn't always stay, sometimes it goes back up the barrel and getting lead to come out for a new piece takes at least 10 clicks. When it's working well and while writing it's totally comfortable though. It's definitely worth the 3 bucks, but not much more.
  Cheap and useful, great..., September 22, 2012
By par...
Cheap and useful, great for detailed drawing. Taking notes, however, is a bit troublesome. I find the lead easier to break when writing, would recommend this for artists though!
  Really good pencils for..., September 14, 2012
Really good pencils for a really cheap price. My only problem is that they sell out so fast!
  I'm in graduate school..., March 8, 2012
By oct...
I'm in graduate school for art and have developed carpal tunnel. This is one of the few pencils I use without a death grip, maybe in part because it feels so light. I love this pencil for its lead width and comfort and it's perfect for finishing drawings.
  This is exactly what..., January 13, 2012
By srm...
This is exactly what I was looking for. The pencil has a nice fine point (.3mm), and is comfortable to write with.
  This is an awesome pencil..., November 22, 2011
By cla...
This is an awesome pencil for the price. The grip is nice, the lead writes very smoothly, and I love the color. The white and the skinny barrel and lead make it look so cute! The eraser is awesome for a mechanical pencil. This is the first and best 0.3 mechanical pencil I've ever had.
  For the price, this is..., May 21, 2011
By skormi
For the price, this is a great pencil. The feel of the grip is very smooth and nice, and it writes perfectly. It really does keep your hands from getting sweaty. I would recommend this pencil to anyone!
  i noticed my friend's..., January 27, 2011
By yuk...
i noticed my friend's blue one of these and then i got one too! this pencil has the thinnest lead i ever saw but its so stable! totally a great buy!
  most of this pencil is..., October 14, 2010
most of this pencil is great, except the rubber grip.

I cant seem to get over the fact that its not snuggly fitted around the pencil itself causing unwanted "loose grip" feeling from a old rubber grip pencil. i understand the idea is to maximize air between the rubber and the pencil, but this grip looseness is not my cup of tea.

good thing? can keep this pencil in my pocket with no worries when in a rush, lead is tight at the tip.

compared to the zebra color flight (i got both pencil in white) i think the zebra is a overall better pencil... except the sleeve isnt as good as top tier pencils?
  WOW! The coolest pencil..., August 20, 2010
WOW! The coolest pencil ever! It looks and feels very nice - the pearly semi-transparent kind of plastic on the top and a very nice grip - $3? Don't even think about it, just buy it!
  I love this pencil! This..., February 7, 2010
By hwi...
I love this pencil! This is my holy grail pencil and I use it for everyday; notes, tests, etc. I don't have to worry about my hands getting warm but it does work and I have a friend with who gets sweaty hands when writing who has the purple one and tells me it works like a charm. I got this pencil because I love the look of the white - beautiful. I love how comfortable this pencil is and it writes very well. (of course lead quality can also effect this). I use 2B or B lead in my .3 pencils because I like to still be able to make dark(ish) lines since I use it for school work. I find 0.3 HB too light for this size. Try the SHU lead, it really does work well against breaking.

Can't beat it for the price!!!
  I love this pencil, I..., October 26, 2009
By chi...
I love this pencil, I have just gotten it today in the mail and I am impress with the quality. Never again am I going back to the low quality stuff you see at regular stores. I love it. The lead is very stable and doesn't wiggle when you write.
  I bought five of these,..., January 3, 2009
I bought five of these, and I'm very pleased with them. They're by far the best pencils I've ever owned.

I am curious, though, as to what grade lead they come with. I also bought some HB lead with them, just in case that isn't what they came with.
0 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  When I first started..., September 27, 2012
By bak...
When I first started to use this product it worked wonderfully. After three weeks or less of using it in school it broke. I tried to fix it, but I could not fix it. Everytime I pressed the pencil to the paper the lead went back in the barrel. Now it's just sitting on my table. I suppose I shouldn't expect much from a $3 mechanical pencil, but I did expect it to last at least a month.