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  this is not that big,..., March 21, 2013
this is not that big, and it is kind of light. and when you are writing something, some sound is came from inside of metal body. But if you have money for this sharp. i suggest you to buy this one.
  Awesome pencil. Great..., December 11, 2012
Awesome pencil. Great weight. I am extremely careful with this pencil because I don't want any scratches on it. Beautiful silver body. Gives out a good amount of lead each click. I would definitely purchase this!
  Exceptional mechanical..., November 16, 2012
By har...
Exceptional mechanical pencil! Ordered "Diamond Silver" after enjoying black for a week.
  This is a very snazzy..., October 17, 2012
This is a very snazzy pencil with a solid build quality. It's nice and heavy, and the finish has a silky luster that is quite eye-catching. To be honest I haven't gotten much use out of its automatic advancement mechanism; it tends to leave out only a miniscule bit of lead, while I prefer instead to have a mm or two at my disposal. The only other issue I have with this fine pencil is that when putting the tip to paper there seems to be a little "free movement" of the lead, which I assume is due to the idiosyncrasies of the advancement mechanism. However, it's hardly noticeable and unless you're easily irritated by such things you should barely even know it's there.
  The build quality is..., September 8, 2012
By cbu...
The build quality is awesome ! The pencil feels heavy and the mechanism solid. I don't actually see the need for the trick with the lead tube with spring but whatever. It adds some extra lag and pushing the lead back does not feel smooth.
  The build quality is..., August 24, 2012
By wil...
The build quality is very good it has good balance and weight. I have only used it for a day now which is why I'm sticking to that which I know. That this is built like a tank yet has a very fine mechanism to extract the lead out mm by tiny mm. it is a lot to pay for a pencil but I think if you write a lot or are a pen or pencil lover like me it is worth it. Well done Pilot.
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  BAD!! It broke on me...., October 13, 2012
By rir...
BAD!! It broke on me. I only have this pencil for two weeks, used it a couple of times. The mechanical hardware inside the pencil is so fragile. Im so sad. So not worth the $$ I spent.