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  Ok, slight update to..., August 23, 2010
By ara...
Ok, slight update to my previous review. After writing with this pen for the past few days I have to retract my prior statement, it did glob a bit at first but now it writes quite well and no longer globs. My co-workers love it because of how bold it writes and my son wants some for himself...needless to say I am ordering more, now as a matter of fact. :)
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  I can't believe how smooth..., June 8, 2012
By gra...
I can't believe how smooth this ball point pen writes. I have always hated ball point pens but this one is amazing. Smooth, light and evenly distributes ink. Good reasonable price. I am going to order more.
  I have used this bp for..., October 17, 2012
By nipsip
I have used this bp for a few years and the only negative for me would be it is not available in a retractable version. I have lost many tips, but this the best writing bp I have ever used. I am going to try the new Zebra Z-Mulsion EX and will give you a comparison. I only use broad pens and bp works better for me than gel.
  As some one who exclusively..., April 25, 2012
By mov...
As some one who exclusively used Crystal BICs throughout college, I can honestly say I thought that I would LOVE this pen, unfortunately...I really don't even like it.

As a plus: The ink does flow incredibly smoothly right out of the gate and the ink is really dark. (Usually only seen once you've used a smaller ball point regularly for a longer period of time.)

The negative: The wide tip shows the ink streaking that ballpoints cause to be instantly apparent. What I mean is that the ballpoint ink does not write in one clear line (say like a gel or liquid pen). Instead, as it is distributed along the page as you write, there is a clear lack of ink in some of the strokes. It's likely because the ball is so big that ink cannot be evenly distributed over it. In smaller tipped ballpoints you probably wouldn't notice it at all, but in this 1.6 mm tip you will likely see it immediately. At least, I did.
  This is my favorite ball..., April 19, 2011
By nipsip
This is my favorite ball point. Writes perfectly. Like the black more than the blue. Wish it was available in a click variety.
  This is my favorite ballpoint...., January 14, 2011
By sk8...
This is my favorite ballpoint. It writes almost like a rollerball-smooth and dark.
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  Nice and dark, also writes..., August 17, 2010
By ara...
Nice and dark, also writes smoothly but after I used it for a little while I noticed the ink started globbing on the nib and then smearing. Wouldn't buy it again.
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  i dont even car about..., September 28, 2011
i dont even car about the "performance" of the pen. i just love it for spinning