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4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  I really love this pen...., September 3, 2012
By ang...
I really love this pen. It's not a long-writer by all means, but it fits perfectly with my Field Notes+leather cover. It's best for jotting quick notes and entries.

One thing that I REALLY LOVE is that it fits the Pilot LHSRF-8C refills (Pilot Hi-Tec-C Slim Knock cartridges). While I can't write for long periods of time with it, this has made it to my go-to EDC pen.
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  There are a couple things..., October 28, 2012
By jus...
There are a couple things that I try to always have in my pocket. I keep my car keys, wallet, phone, pen knife, notebook, and a pen. Not only are other pens annoyingly large, I've had several break in my pocket and experienced that rush of fear that the pants were ruined. This pen is small enough to easily pocket without that fear. Not only that it but it writes well and is quite cheap.There are few pens I've had that I was willing to refill, this is one of the few.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I love the size of these..., February 19, 2011
By sit...
I love the size of these pens for my wallet and for keeping on a note pad in my car glove box. My only issue has been the clicker end cap. I have had 2 of them break part of the plastic barrel inside and one cap that liked the come unscrewed.
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  I love this pen, though..., September 16, 2011
I love this pen, though I prefer the blue ink refill to the black. The inkflow is good for a finer-tip ballpoint (tiny hints of skipping but I don't notice it unless I'm looking for it) and it's smooth to write with. This pen is invaluable on the go, I can't sing its praises enough

My only wish is that they'd make this same pen in an "everyday" size, because my hand cramps around something so tiny after writing any more than a quick note in my planner or mini-moleskine. Where is the companion pen that's more user-friendly for an extended period of writing (like at work all day)??! Come on, Pilot!! ^_^
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  This is the pen I use..., June 5, 2011
This is the pen I use everyday for writing in notebooks and my Filofax. It is very small but writes well and feels good in the hand. Everyone who uses it loves it. I plan on buying a couple more.
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  This thing is really..., May 11, 2011
By vso...
This thing is really small. It’s great for jotting down notes but too small for long term use. I put in a Pilot LHSRF-8C gel refill just for grins.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Perfect balance of size,..., April 22, 2011
Perfect balance of size, design, and function. And writes smooth as silk.
  This is a very handy..., February 13, 2014
By blu...
This is a very handy and useful pen. I use it all the time everywhere.
The small size makes it very convenient to use it anywhere, any time.
Highly recommended!
  I've been a great fan..., October 5, 2011
By dal...
I've been a great fan of pens from Pilot. I came across with the couleur ballpoint pen, it is awesome and wanted another one or something similar. This one is just another mini in my collections!
  Pros: - Super small..., February 20, 2011
- Super small :] Great for putting in a spiral notebook or school planner.
- Looks great in my "line-up" of pens/pencils in my pencil case. When my friends look through my pencil case for a pen to borrow, they almost always pick this pen up. (Some choose one to use this while most others pick my uni alpha gel HD ballpoint)
- Nice weight. Feels sorta expensive even though the cost of it is relatively low. Also, it's nice that it's all stainless steel. I have the stainless steel sharpie sooo this is a nice complement to it :]
- Try spinning this. :P It's awesome haha.

- A bit too "small/thin." I never choose this pen when i have to write/take notes for an extended period of time. (I choose the Zebra Clip on G series for class notes)
- Ehhhhhh sometimes it skips. _._ The flow isn't as great as the Zebra's but it works. ~shrug~
- It can easily get lost inside/"at the bottom" of my backpack. Lotsa times i don't bother to clip it to my planner sooo it just falls to the bottom of my backpack and i usually don't try to fish it out till i get home from school
  The Pilot Birdy pen is..., November 19, 2010
By dav...
The Pilot Birdy pen is smaller than I thought it would be, which I like. The pen is very well made and writes great too. This pen is now my "EDC" (every day carry) pen. I ordered 3 for myself and will soon order several more to give as gifts. At $6 a piece they are inexpensive enough to order several and keep one in your checkbook, one in the car, one in your backpack, and one to carry. I highly recommend the Pilot Birdy pen!
  Smaller than i was expecting,..., August 27, 2010
Smaller than i was expecting, but very nice. its made of all metal and is very sturdy. It writes like a dream. i wouldn't use it for long periods though, but perfect for the occasional note taking.
  Fun pen, exactly what..., July 17, 2010
By oni...
Fun pen, exactly what I would expect from Pilot. Very useful to have around to jot a quick note or to keep in your notebook.
  This pen is the perfect..., June 28, 2010
This pen is the perfect size to clip onto a pocket notebook or slide into a wallet. The small size definitely isn't for people with big hands - or those who are buying it to write for extended periods of time. The writing fluidity is better than ballpoint pens. If you're like me and need a pen for convenience, this is a great pen to invest in!