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May 12, 2011
This is one of Pilot's...
Verified Purchase
This is one of Pilot's best pens! All Capless/Vanishing Point pens come with converters so I don't understand the other reviewer's complaint about JetPens. I bought my Decimo from JetPens. It came with a CON-50 converter and a metal cartridge cover. Every VP-type nib unit is shipped with a CON-50 converter (in the early days of Capless pens, they came with a CON-20). JetPens is one of the very few ways to buy the sleek Decimo in North America. Thank you JetPens!

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May 12, 2011
The pen is fantastic...
Verified Purchase
The pen is fantastic as most Pilot pens are. This one has good weight and an elegant style. Smooth nib writes a nice wet line. It's a shame JetPens doesn't send with a converter as most other sellers do - especially with the higher price here. One of my favorite pens, and I usually prefer piston filling pens, but this one is fun to own.

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September 8, 2010
This is a beautiful,...
Verified Purchase
This is a beautiful, well-made, light-weight fountain pen with an extremely smooth medium nib. The gray color is perfect and classy. Also, I prefer the sleek size of the "decimo" over Pilot's standard-sized Vanishing Point pen.

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May 14, 2008
I bought my Decimo Grey...
I bought my Decimo Grey Mica earlier, not at JetPens. It is several months in everyday use.
Retractable nib is not a gadget only. This pen is really comfortable one hand operated. You should expect, that "click" movement needed is very deep. But it is not a problem with quick writing at all, hand learns it in seconds.
Why Decimo not a classical Capless? Decimo barrel is thinner and taller, in my opinion fits better in hand and looks better too. And 18K nib is really butter smooth.
As in whole Capless family it is possible to change easily nib/ink supply unit for another with nib size fine or broad. This unit is an one part piece with cartridge or converter, that makes whole operation very easy and clean.
I thinh that Decimo is very good and innovative pen!

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December 27, 2012
Very sleek pen with excellant...
Very sleek pen with excellant operation. DOES NOT COME WITH CON50 AS PREVIOUSLY POSTED. Save yourself time and shipping by purchasing it with your Decimo.

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