Pilot Capless Fermo Fountain Pen - 18K Gold Fine Nib - Black

Pilot Capless Fermo Fountain Pen - 18K Gold Fine Nib - Black

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One fountain pen and one ink refill cartridge included. Converters are available separately here.

The Fermo pen from Pilot is a luxurious fountain pen with a very sleek and gorgeous design. Like the Capless Decimo, the pen is part of a Japan exclusive line of retractable fountain pens. A simple twist mechanism keeps the fountain pen nib safe, there is no cap to unscrew or take off. It is one of the rare fountain pens that work using this mechanism, which means that the fountain pen nib is located near the clip rather than on the opposite side so that it can face up.

The pens have a beautiful surface and feature a rhodium plated 18K yellow gold nib, and can be refilled with a cartridge or with a converter (CON 20 or CON 50). Multiple body colors available and each pen comes in a gift box. JetPens is proud to bring you this elegant pen along with other rare, Japan exclusive writing instruments.

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Beautiful...right out...
April 7, 2012
Verified Purchase
Beautiful...right out of the box. Smooth silent mechanism. The finish is spectacular. Its a fairly big fountain pen, but comfortable even in my small hands. I rinsed the nib and feed in dilute ammonia (rids manufacturing oil). Popped in a Pilot black cartridge. It writes well with minimal feedback due the the gold nib. I almost like this more than the vanishing point. Rest assured you can carry this bad boy into any meeting and no one will hear it...but heads will turn when it comes into view. Dont hesitate...get it.


*perfect finish laquer/plating
*silent mechanism
*great nib (fine)
*nice design overall
*writes well with good ink flow (rinse nib and feed first)


*It would be nice to more colors added to the range
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This is an excellent,...
September 8, 2010
Verified Purchase
This is an excellent, well-made, and reliable fountain pen. The fine nib is perfect for writing in my Moleskine pocket weekly notebook. Ink flow seems to be best when I use the converter and fill from a bottle. A few seconds is required to get flow started when using a cartridge, but, once started, the flow is smooth. Once in a while, after the pen has been in an upright position with cartridge installed, it doesn't start immediately and I have had to gently shake the pen downward to get it going. I have never had this problem with the converter.
I prefer this pen over my Lamy Dialog 3 which is a similar design, but not as sleek.
I own a couple of other Vanishing Point pens, with the click feature, and, sometimes, I don't like the "snap and kick" of the button on the VP or decimo. Turning the knob on the Fermo is smooth and silent.
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If you love fountain...
May 11, 2012
If you love fountain pens, but you are always on the run, this is the pen for you. I purchased this pen locally, because I wanted to support a local pen shop, but if that wasn't there, I would have gone to Jetpens. No cap to fumble around with or lose, If you have medium to large sized hands, you can even open this one handed. I've put it through its paces writing a years worth of medical school notes, and with a fine nib, I only need to refill once, at midday. With the new EF nib unit, I suppose it would cut down on the refills even more.
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