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This is a beautiful capless...
February 25, 2009
Verified Purchase
This is a beautiful capless fountain pen. The Fermo is about the same weight as the familiar Pilot Vanishing Point, but is a bit sleeker. The body is made of brass with lacquer overlay, and the color is rich and lovely. The parts have a very solid feel. This is a pen that will last.

The clip is narrower and has a bit of a nice flair at the end, making it easier to put in a pocket, and easier to write with since the end of the clip is where one grasps the pen to write. The twist mechanism is quiet and smooth, but does take a full turn to move the nib out of the pen, so it doesn't really work with just one hand. To make it work well, you need both hands to extend the nib. But this doesn't really seem to be a problem.

The nib is small and smooth, a tradition of this style of Pilot. The nib is actually a kind of metal insert, and is able to be used in the Fermo, the VP as well as the Decimo. You have to take the nib portion out of the pen and then either insert a cartridge or a converter and then reinsert the cartridge to write. Any of these hold an average amount of ink.

Ultimately, after getting this pen home and writing with it for awhile, I reluctantly returned it because it is a bit heavy for my hand. I have written with resin/plastic FP for years, and have grown accustomed to a lighter feel. If you aren't quite so stuck on pen heft as I am, you will love this FP.

+++++ Quality / Beauty
+++ Weight
+++++ Value
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