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This is a beautifully...
February 17, 2009
Verified Purchase
This is a beautifully finished and functioning fountain pen. I have a few fountain pens in my collection, including a Pelikan Souveran 800, an ST Dupont Black Laquer Orpheo. I also have a Namiki Sterling Dragon. I have several Namiki Vanishing Points (an original from the 60s as well as several newer ones). Once Namiki/Pilot went to 18k nibs for their retractable fountain pens, the writing quality became much better. Having used my Silver Capless Fermo for about a month now, I have to admit it writes as smoothly as any pen I've owned. It's also beautifully and substantiallly constructed. I write with a very light touch, so I've always favored smaller nibs. Previously, I found Vanishing Point fine nibs to be a little too fine and rough, but this is fantastic. Any fountain pen aficionado needs to own one of these.
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