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September 11, 2014
I LOVE this pen! Slim...
Verified Purchase
I LOVE this pen! Slim and beautiful, the weight of it feels just right in my hand and the writing is smooth. A pleasure to use for everyday note taking, etc.

August 16, 2014
I do love this pen, it...
Verified Purchase
I do love this pen, it looks positively lovely and the balance is wonderful, I can write with it for hours on end. Though I did have some issues with the nib for the first several months I've owned this fountain pen, it took ages before the ink flow would start up, and when it finally did the pen constantly skipped, regardless of what ink I used or the paper I wrote on. But after a little playing around with the nib, properly aliening the tines, it now writes like a dream. This has to be my absolute favorite fountain pen.

August 28, 2012
Love, love, love this...
Verified Purchase
Love, love, love this pen! I've had issues with fountain pens in the past. This was the first pen I have used that had the perfect balance, great ink flow, and an overall good look to it straight out of the box. Being someone who also like girly things, I like the daintiness of it. (I will agree with another reviewer that the nib is plain, but it works.)

August 9, 2012
I am a guy with fair/large...
I am a guy with fair/large hands and this pen is comfortable to grip when using. Most impressive about this pen is the amount of line variation that I get from the fine nib - - is a writing sample. The pen feels well made too, the cap clicks securely shut and the threads precise. The only part that seems a little simple is the look of the nib which is very narrow and plain looking.

May 31, 2012
One of my favorite pens!...
Verified Purchase
One of my favorite pens! I prefer a thinner body pen and a fine nib. The balance and weight are perfect for my hand and the nib ultra smooth.

February 13, 2012
This pen is absolutely...
Verified Purchase
This pen is absolutely beautiful! Very dainty and pretty, but with a good weight still. Definitely a Lady's pen, it would disappear in most larger hands. The nib was a bit scratchy to begin with, and I'm not crazy about the pilot black ink it came with, but it is a very fine nib and this is to be expected. Colour of the body is ever so slightly darker and more lilac than it appears on my monitor. I have yet to find a finer nib than this and it is great for little notes and small writing!

September 19, 2011
LOVE LOVE LOVE this pen!!!!!...
Verified Purchase
LOVE LOVE LOVE this pen!!!!! I prefer very fine point pens, and this is amazing. It writes smoothly and looks very elegant. I have gotten a ton a compliments on it and want to buy in every color available. Definitely worth the money.

April 14, 2009
As good as advertised!...
Verified Purchase
As good as advertised! The fine point is a pleasure to write with and the pen itself is elegant. Pilot always does a really good job with form factors and this is no exception. People always remark on this pen when I use it!