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What can I say? This...
July 4, 2009
Verified Purchase
What can I say? This pen rocks! Many gold pens dry up quickly, after spending most of their lives skipping and sputtering. That is so not the case with the Pilot Choose Gel Ink! This pen is always ready to go - no shaking or praying necessary. The line is a nice color of gold, great for anything from writing thank yous, to adding cool embellishments to drawings and doodles. More than any other gold pen I've tried - save the Uni-ball Signo (which does have some issues after time) - I love this pen. I am a convert to this pen, glad to have found it after years of using other brands that always made me cringe. I am back to using gold ink again, thanks to the Pilot Choose Gel Ink Pen. Plus, Jet Pens offers this sweet thang at a great price. Get your gold game on with this pen. You can thank me later.
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The gold color of the...
January 28, 2012
Verified Purchase
The gold color of the Choose ink is unlike any other gold pen. It is very rich and vibrant gold that looks beautiful on light and dark paper. It also writes smooth and effortlessly. This is the only Pilot Choose pen I have tried, but now I want to buy every color because the gold pen is soooooo great!!!

You should buy the Pilot Choose pens if you enjoy using a well-designed pen with smooth, beautiful ink, and a nice solid pen body that looks and feels like a very well-made product.
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