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May 12, 2012
This is a wonderful,...
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This is a wonderful, free flowing coloring pen! No skipping or scratching, and the ink flows so well that you actually get a bead of ink sometimes. You CAN use it for fine details with care, though.

The color is a very bright hot pink. When wet, it's almost fluorescent pink with orange overtones. It can look a little streaky as you apply it, but any uneveness in color disappears once it dries completely.

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November 5, 2011
Really nice color. Not...
Really nice color. Not weak. Good line. Good width. Consistant flow. Very pleased. I bought a bunch of colors, and these are my "go-to" pen for journaling and such.

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July 4, 2009
What a fantastic bright...
Verified Purchase
What a fantastic bright pink pen! Just like in my review of the gold Pilot Choose Gel Ink Pen, I love this pen. I don't know what could have caused the issues the other user experienced, because I have had nothing but positive experiences with this awesome writing instrument.

Available at a super price, I love this color and have given it quite a work out. It hasn't let me down yet - and has met every challenge I've thrown at it.

From my experience with the gold and pink pens in this line, I've learned one thing. You don't necessarily get better results from expensive pens. I will be ordering two these in every color available - which is unheard of for me. Give me these and the white Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153, and my pen needs are covered - for everyday writing, art, and writing traditional thank you's, etc.

Great job, Pilot!

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April 4, 2012
love this pen..gorgeous...
Verified Purchase
love this pen..gorgeous color, cute design, and writes well.

August 9, 2008
I absolutely love the...
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I absolutely love the design of this pen, but unfortunately the ink leaked somewhat around the tip every time I went to put the cap back on. So every time I uncapped the pen, about 1/4 inch of the tip of the pen was covered in ink and would smear off onto the paper as I started to write (sometimes a small ink clump would smear off as well). I don't use it because I would have to wipe the tip off with a napkin everytime I uncapped it. This is very weird, seeing that I love, and always use, Pilot's HI-TEC-C line.

August 9, 2008
Oh, I forgot to mention...
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Oh, I forgot to mention that I didn't do any that would screw the pen up such as shaking it or taking it apart and scratch the tip against paper (or anything else that may mess the pen up). It just started to leak after a few uses (of writing normally) right after opening the package as soon I received it in the mail.

March 10, 2008
BEST PEN EVER! loved...
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BEST PEN EVER! loved it!