Pilot Clutch Point Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Black & Black Body

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Japan is all about conservation, the Pilot Clutch Point is another pencil from Japan that will hold onto your pencil lead until the very last 1 mm! The standard length of a pencil lead is typically around 60 mm. In a conventional pencil, the pencil is only able to clutch the lead core until the last 10 mm. The remaining lead then typically becomes unstable and unusable. This wastes almost 17% of your lead! The Clutch Point has a clutch at the tip of your pencil that allows you to use your lead piece until the very end, giving you more writing time and saving you money. Also check out the Platinum OLEeNu High Grade Lead Breakage Prevention Mechanical Pencil and Uni-ball Millino Mechanical Pencil for more pencil lead conserving options.

Model NumberPILOT HGW-150R-BB5
Weight0.5 ounces
Body Color Black
Body Material Plastic
Clip Material Metal
Clippable Yes
Design Style Executive, Extended Lead Clutch
Diameter - Grip 11.0 mm
Diameter - Max 10.1 mm
Eraser Included Yes
Grip Color Black
Grip Material Rubber
Knurled Finger Grip No
Lead Diameter 0.5 mm
Lead Grade Indicator No
Lead Sleeve Length 1.7 mm
Lead Type Graphite
Length - Body 13.6 cm
Sleeve Type Fixed
Tip Material Metal
Tip Replaceable No

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Fits beautifully in my...
February 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
Fits beautifully in my hand when writing
hi i was just wondering...
December 12, 2010
hi i was just wondering where your headquaters are and the pencil is so cool and classy