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  Bought for my wife who..., June 19, 2012
By ric...
Bought for my wife who is a non-CPA Accountant. Here is her review after using the Pencil for a month or so: "I would say good. Writes smooth and interesting to have a colored pencil. The only complaint I have with it is that you have to write more upright than at a slant. Lead breaks rather quickly if slanted, but not so when up right."
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  Not typically a colored..., November 18, 2010
Not typically a colored pencil user, however, I was very surprised and pleased with this one. It gives good color whether coloring in an area or regular handwriting. I did not experience any skipping that can happen with colored pencils. The eraser is not that great, but that is to be expected. Most mechanical pencil erasers are dismal and I don't really use them unless I don't have a hand held eraser handy. That being said, I thought this eraser worked pretty well at erasing all the color from the page. Application wise, I think these would work well for taking notes and using them to designate important information with color coding. They do color areas in well, but like most mechanical pencils you have to use a soft hand lest the lead breaks. I wouldn't use them to color large projects although I think it would do so beautifully. I just don't think it would be practical due to the price of the leads and the need to have to replace the lead frequently depending on how large of an area needing color. These is a great pencil. I certainly hope that Pilot ultimately adds more colors to this line.
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  A WONDERFUL pencil! I've..., February 21, 2010
A WONDERFUL pencil! I've been searching for colored mechanical pencil leads for so long, and these Pilot Color Eno pencils were quite the find. The lead creates soft, but sharp lines. I use it to sketch - I reccommend the bright blue and green lead for sketching, because they are very vivid, but your ink will cover it nicely. As for the pencil itself, it is very comftorable in the hand. The 'gummy' grip is nice as well. The eraser is great for emergancy detail erasing, but will wear down quickly.

If you're an artist and want to try a mechanical pencil for your sketching, these pencils are just the thing. ^^
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  I'd have to say this..., January 1, 2008
I'd have to say this is one of the BEST pencils I have ever use! Its not easy to break so you can write on for a looong time. Its not as good as those $15.00 pencils, excluding w/ color, but this pencil is good for the price! A must-buy! =]
  I'm beyond impressed..., January 23, 2013
By kem...
I'm beyond impressed with this pencil!

This was a total impulse buy that I added to make free shipping, but I'm blown away by the color and quality. The lead is strong, the blue is vibrant and the line is smear-free. Before this, I've always been a fan of using Prismacolor's Verithin line of color pencils for writing and marking my notes, instead of the horrible color leads you usually find here in the U.S., but this is the dawn of a new era for me. Will definitely be getting it in other colors!
  I had gotten this for..., January 22, 2012
By tre...
I had gotten this for my niece to color with, but ended up using it to highlight and take notes in my school books. Great color, smooth line and stands out great in a book without overwhelming the text like a highlighter marker does. Also nice for writing notes in the margin. I'm ordering a few more colors :-)
  Pleasantly surprised..., April 10, 2010
Pleasantly surprised by the quality, didn't expect much because coloured technical pencils are usually not of the best quality but this is far beond anything I thought it would be. If you don't push too hard the lead doesn't break and considering it's colour it erases pretty well. Now i need the other colours :)
  I really liked this pencil...., March 18, 2010
I really liked this pencil. I color-code my school notes and this set of pencils is really perfect for that. My only complaint (and it's not really much of a complaint) is that the eraser is covered with the little plastic lid. I make mistakes fairly often so this is rather inconvienent but I imagine I will lose the lids fairly quickly. This blue color is a very vibrant color, almost a cornflower blue, and easy to read.
  These are great colored..., February 3, 2010
These are great colored mechanical pencils. They seem to write a bit smoother and darker than Uni-ball. The blue lead is bright and easy to read.
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  I was quite disappointed..., November 12, 2009
By rsanek
I was quite disappointed by the pen. The lead that it supplies does not feel like normal lead, and the eraser is downright bad. It cannot erase completely as with other mechanical pencils or even the Pilot Frixion Point 04. However, the pencil is quite long, so it's good for people with large hands, but still isn't too heavy. Would not recommend buying.
  BRILLIANT. Most of the..., October 14, 2009
By moeno
BRILLIANT. Most of the tacky ones you get here just dont write smoothly, the colour is bad and the lead breaks. This is the opposite. A refillable pencil in many colours all for less than three dollars! LOVE COLOR ENO~
  I love these mechanical..., April 3, 2009
By csheat
I love these mechanical pencils. I remember when I was younger I bought some at Target or Walmart can't remember but I looked for them again because I enrolled in a math class and couldn't find them so when I found them here I bought them immediately and let me tell you I love them. I wish there were more colors though because I love writing my math notes in them and sometimes I need more colors. Recomend them to anyone.
  I bought the whole color..., March 11, 2009
I bought the whole color line in this series and am very pleased with them. I was not looking for something to color or draw with as much as I was looking for a set of pencils to color code my Scripture highlighting.

As any student of the Bible can tell you, those thin pages allow too much bleed through from liquid highlighters, so a pencil is necessary. The Pilot Color Eno is perfect for underlining those special verses! The soft, .7mm lead leaves a nice solid line. The grips on these pencils feel amazingly comfortable and even though you are laying down a line of color, they erase very well.

When you add these wonderful qualities to the fact that these pencils come at a bargain price, especially given their solid engineering, these are a great value. Thanks as always, JetPens!
  I have bought the whole..., January 16, 2009
By crobc
I have bought the whole color range of these for my 3-year old daughter, who doesn't accept crayons and must use fine mechanical pencils like dada. These are of very good quality considering the very inexpensive price. I have no problems with lead breakage with these unlike what happened with the Uni-Ball 0.7mm colored pencils. Buy these instead, they are worth the little extra money! Note however, than the shades of some of the Uni colored leads are a little different, so it is wise to experiment with both brands of leads to see what shades you prefer, as nothing stops you from putting Uni lead in these. The Pilot lead is very good anr bright, though, so this might not be necessary except for pencil obsessed folks. I only wish they made these in 0.5mm.
  The grip and feel of..., October 21, 2008
The grip and feel of this mechanical pencil is excellent. When retracting the lead, the tip withdraws within the body, which protects against damage. I replaced the blue lead with 2B black lead for school work, and it works great.
  This pencil is great...., November 30, 2007
This pencil is great. I've been trying out different colored mechanical pencil leads to see which ones I like best, and this is definitely one of the best. It erases slightly better than the UniBall lead, but not a huge difference or anything. It also has a really good feel to it, it's not scratchy or anything like some leads are, but since it feels a little softer I think it also wears down a little bit quicker... As for the pencil itself, it is very comfortable and ergonomic, the grip is perfect. I just wish it had a bigger eraser and came in 0.5mm.
0 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  After a few months of..., March 22, 2013
By ms...
After a few months of minimal use the spring stopped working, so no lead stays out of the pencil, making it unusable.