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4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  I never used to like..., May 7, 2010
By kat
I never used to like photo-blue pencils. then a friend of mine showed me this one. Now I use it for everything!! The blue is bright enough to see yet does not scan. Absolutely love it!
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  I AM ADDICTED TO THIS..., April 30, 2011
I AM ADDICTED TO THIS PENCIL (ESPECIALLY THE LEAD)! The pencil has a nice grip and feel to my hand and it's really great, the color. I used to think I would not like blue pencil because it's color never appealed to me. (I usually like dark black pencil lead or glossy black ink.) When I used this pencil though, the softness of the lead (you can press hard, but the lead WILL break if you do), the color (beautiful and soft light sky blue), and the effect it has on my drawings (I think they look better in this lead color than regular 2B lead.)
It's worth the price. (There are two leads in the pencil.)
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  These are excellent mechanical..., June 27, 2009
These are excellent mechanical pencils for those on a budget. I have quite a few of the Soft Blue as it is the perfect shade to act as a non repro/photo blue for animation and comics (and is now non exsistant in the UK unless you import). I plan to grab the Red next as that is easier to see when drawing all those frames! They are quite durable though I don't have a heavy hand, but many that do will be pleased that the leads won't break easily.

Pilot are correct in that they erase VERY WELL, and with any eraser at all. As long you're not too heavy on the pressure with the pencil, you won't even see anything when you erase it (as in a dent in the paper)!
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  Ah... this pencil is..., August 27, 2011
Ah... this pencil is just wonderful. I have a whole bunch in green, pink, and blue for sketching. The colors are bold and bright (just like the picture they posted above) - and because they are not graphite-colored, you can very easily lineart or ink your work over it. It writes very smooth, while giving you the crisp controlled lines you look for in a mechanical pencil. Amazing product, and they last.
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  I love this Pencil. It..., January 26, 2011
I love this Pencil. It is great for Sketching, and making and outline for a drawing. Although, don't draw to hard if you plan on erasing it. I have many drawings in my sketch book that you can still see the the blue. I highly recommend this Pencil for anyone who is an artist, or a doodler, because I just bought another 10 packs of 6 leads, and even went to a Red One. :D

Great pencil.
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  I really love this pencil...., March 18, 2010
I really love this pencil. The lead is a super vibrant aqua blue and very easy to read on white paper. I color code my notes at school and it is awesome to have colored pencils I don't have to sharpen constantly and that erase cleanly. my only issue with them is that there is a little plastic lid covering the eraser, which I have to constantly remove and replace. I figure I'll lose all of the little lids eventually and it won't be an issue... This aqua blue is really fun and easy to read. Of all the colors in the Pilot Color Eno line, this one is my second favorite.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  this pencil is awesome..., February 25, 2010
this pencil is awesome omg this is my favorite colr that is why i like it
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  Just plain Awsome! this..., January 15, 2010
By rub...
Just plain Awsome! this pen also has a really nice feel it it to, the part where the lead is blue is awsome, and the pencil it self is Awsome, and it's all really awsome!
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I bought this pencil..., January 1, 2008
I bought this pencil before the blue one cause it was sold out =\ but I bought it soon after it was back in stock. Anyways, I'm gonna say the same for the Blue pencil, this is a great product, good for the money if your planning to stay on a budget, and it will not break as easily. For those who plan on saving money and find a pencil thats not so dull or boring as a gray one, then I would recommend this one (or the Blue one)! A must-buy!
  i love this pencil it..., June 1, 2014
i love this pencil it looks so cool and for those of u that are worried that the pencil its self doesent well it does i recomend this pencil for everyone!!!! it is thinner than it looks on line and it is a great model i recomend the pink and blue
  I really like this cute..., March 31, 2014
By va....
I really like this cute pencil. The lead color is perfect for sketching and the barrel doesn't feel light or cheap. Maybe it's just me but it feels like the leads are very sturdy and not as easily snappable as other soft colored leads are. It erases cleanly and easily and doesn't dig into the paper. I love it.
  I have been trying to..., September 9, 2013
By jan...
I have been trying to find these mechanical pencils for the longest and behold JetPens have them at a great price. So I order this one, the red, and the violent one and I can say I am very happy with my purchase. The lead is nice and strong and erases pretty well as long as you don't press down to hard. Comfortable grip and has a nice weight to it. I can definitely see myself using this(and the others) in my future artworks.
  I used to own almost..., August 22, 2013
I used to own almost every color of these when I was a kid and I never had any problems with them. I bought them back then because they looked cute, and not because of the colored lead they came with. But I remember the lead wasn't the most pigmented, or the most durable, so I usually emptied them out right away and used regular lead.
  Love these! The lead..., July 23, 2013
Love these! The lead are soft and easy to sketch with (which is what I use them for). Just amazing and the grip is very comfortable and you can use these for quite some period of time. I also bought the darker blue one too!
  I just recieved this..., May 30, 2013
By ali...
I just recieved this pencil and I absolutely love it already. It has a nice feel when holding it, and it writes/draws so smoothly against the paper. Its light enough to be easily erased, but as someone mentioned before, the cap on the eraser is a little annoying to take on and off-- but that's such a minor issue. If you're looking for a good sketch pencil, I'd highly recommend this, in either light blue or the red. I plan on trying the other colors, too.
  I always use this one..., April 24, 2013
I always use this one to sketch first thoughts.
Be careful with the lead. They are very delicate and will break darn easily.
Keep this in mind while buying. If you're used to give a lot of pressure you'll have to either change your habit or save the 2.75 :)
Ignoring this fact, since it doesn't matter for me, this pen is my faithful companion in many situations.
  I love this pencil, and..., May 16, 2012
I love this pencil, and more specifically, the lead inside the pencil. It writes smoothly and erases cleanly. I really wish I could give it a full "Good" rating except it has two drawbacks: the lead is very soft and even with a light hand you're constantly clicking out more lead. But worst drawback is that this lead fades in light, and sometimes very quickly. Even in indirect, artificial light your lines will fade to barely visible in a few weeks. In bright natural light I've had my drawing disappear in just a few minutes. I've experienced this on several different papers (and true, some papers are worse offenders than others), but this stuff just isn't very light-fast.

-writes smoothly
-goes under inks nicely

-very soft
-not light-fast