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Lightweight comfortable...
November 18, 2008
Verified Purchase
Lightweight comfortable pocket sketching tool suitable for quick shading especially with the softer 6B lead. It is a good value alternative to the Caran D'Ache Museum Fixpencil 44 clutch leadholder since it can also hold the 3.8 mm watersoluble graphite Technalo leads and the Museum watercolor leads. Its thicker lead size is less prone to breakage and seldom needs sharpening (so long as one remembers to rotate the pencil to wear the point down evenly). Its ergonomically designed barrel is quite comfortable for long drawing sessions and allows different grips: closer to the tip for tighter control or closer to the rotation knob for graceful sweeping lines. This would make a fine stocking stuffer for kid artists in your holiday list. Only drawback of this tool might be that its refills are rather short and packed only two pieces per $3.00 tube.
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I bought this and the...
July 31, 2015
Verified Purchase
I bought this and the E+M Pocket Clutch Lead Holder. While the E+M is absolutely beautiful, the Pilot Croquis is a lot more practical for my use.
- It has a more comfortable grip due to the ergonomic design.
- The rotating knob mechanic to advance the lead gives me peace of mind because I never accidentally drop the lead on the floor like I do with the E+M (drop clutch mechanism isn't my favorite) and it enables very precise advancing of lead. Also, it is more clean as I don't have to get any of the lead on my hand as I have to with drop clutch.
- Croquis is made of plastic and thus lighter, which may or may not be what you prefer. I like it light as it weighs less in my already cluttered pocket.

I realize that comparing this to E+M may be irrelevant to those who need a lead holder with specific lead thickness (E+M uses 5.5mm lead and Croquis 4.0mm) but both leads are fine for my use as casual sketching tools.

In short, this is a great utilitarian lead holder for a bargain price. It might be the best value out there if you are looking for something to carry easily, use easily, and replace easily if you ever lose it. (Though it doesn't mean I love my E+M less, as its beautiful wooden body is worth the price. That one will have a permanent place on my desk, while the Croquis resides my pocket.)
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Turn the gray knob to...
January 30, 2015
Verified Purchase
Turn the gray knob to smoothly set the amount of lead you wish to protrude, as in the usual mechanical pencil.
The thick lead is very soft- very rich black- with smooth lay-down, not crumbly- seems softer, darker than 6B. Very ergonomic, solid, quality sketching/drawing pencil; Comfortable, feels great in the hand.
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I love this machine....
May 22, 2014
Verified Purchase
I love this machine. It solves all my problems, safely carrying soft lead for sketching and undersketching. A delicious tool to use! I came back and bought several more so I am never too far from one if it's not in my pocket.
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nice pencil for drafting,...
January 8, 2012
nice pencil for drafting, drawing,etc. smears on hands though. I feel like it makes too soft of a mark. still a good pencil.
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Love this lead holder!...
March 9, 2016
Verified Purchase
Love this lead holder! I use it when drawing larger pieces. It's lightweight is a plus, as it doesn't hinder me in any way. I have the 6B lead, because I prefer softer lead so I don't have to draw as dark. Great tool!
This lead holder is magnificen...
April 12, 2012
This lead holder is magnificent. It is light-weight, easy to hold, and very comfortable. Its soft 6B lead helps one easily lay down nice dark shades.The 6B lead is very dark and soft, as expected, and can be easily erased, which is good. The few drawbacks I find to this lead holder, is that the lead smears a tad, under one's hand and is a bit too soft for my taste, but thats what you can expect from a 6B lead. The other downside, is that refills are quite pricey for only two leads. Other than that, this pencil is fabulous and it is definately a MUST get. (I bought this lead holder due to the previous reviewer's written and video review of the oencil.)
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