Pilot Custom Heritage 92 Fountain Pen - 14K Gold Medium Nib

Pilot Custom Heritage 92 Fountain Pen - 14K Gold Medium Nib

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It’s rare to find a modern Japanese pen with a non-cartridge or converter ink filling system, but the Pilot Custom Heritage 92 is a beautiful blend of traditional and modernity with its piston filling ink system and beautiful contemporary design. You can suction ink into the pen by twisting the nob on the back of the barrel. The pen has a 1.2 ml ink capacity, and the transparent design allows you to enjoy the colors of your ink as you write. Each pen is outfitted with a handcrafted 14k nib that is responsive enough to create character nuance as you draw, write and sketch. The pen also features a screw-on cap for extra security.

Note: In our experience, this pen requires moderate writing pressure for best performance. Users with a very light hand may experience skipping or inconsistent performance.

This pen only uses bottled ink, which is not included with this pen. Check out our collection of bottled fountain pen inks here!

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The combination of this...
June 5, 2016
Verified Purchase
The combination of this pen and Iroshizuku ink makes for a very wet pen. The lines are thicker than they should be on some papers. For some writing, there is a very very minor slow start phenomenon. The first stroke of a word after not writing for a while can be a little light/absent on ink flow.
This is a great pen for...
August 21, 2015
Verified Purchase
This is a great pen for the money ! Have seen it advertised for much higher in other places. Very smooth and great ink flow. A little lighter than I expected but that could be a plus if you write a lot at one sitting.