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6 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
  This pencil is awesome...., June 17, 2011
This pencil is awesome. the lead only goes back into the pencil if the mechanism is jammed with crushed lead. To fix this, you must dismantle your pencil and find the part where the crushed lead is at. Cleaning that area should do the trick. This happens once in a while.
5 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
   I loved this pencil,when..., October 17, 2011
By Cgr...
I loved this pencil,when I would drop this pencil nothing would break suprisingly.The led does not break often like other pencils.Overall great pencil and beautiful design.
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  Although at first this..., July 1, 2011
Although at first this pencil was good, I liked it at first. No problems there, but as I kept using it, the metal part where the lead comes out keeps coming out. I have to constantly turn it back in which was very troublesome. Although I like the grip and how the pencil felt, the pencil was not that great.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I bought two of these..., June 9, 2012
I bought two of these pencils and they are GREAT! I love to draw and sketch, and for me these are a must. All I need to do, is shake the pencil and it gives me more lead! How cool is that! And they save my drawing point if I ever drop them on the floor. Seriously, why don't they have these in the States? ><!! So happy with this item! ^^!
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I love love love love..., October 3, 2013
I love love love love love this pencil. It was my first true shaker and I use the function all of the time~! It's very comfortable to write with, has a lovely flow. It's my go-to for writing kana in my Japanese language work book. The only bad part about it is the eraser, but that should never be the downfall to any pencil. Being used to seperate pencil and eraser, I never resort to using the pencil's so it never applies to my opinion of it. The retractable feature is a true bonus, I forget that it's there until I remember as I'm putting it away and am continuously impressed by it's functionality. Good good buy, you might even want to check out some of the other colors! They're all so sleek and pretty~ but this one is by far the coolest though, just sayin'~ :D
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  This pencil is amazing!..., December 29, 2012
By smi...
This pencil is amazing! it writes really well, and the grip is comfortable, so you can write for a long time without your had getting sore.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  this シャーペン..., November 23, 2011
By n3r...
this シャーペン is very nice & well-made! has a good weight to it, which i like about dr. grips. the clicking mechanism that retracts the part with the lead is a life-saver, since i tend to drop my pencils a lot and it keeps them safe from getting dented. (this happened to my other dr. grip)
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  This pencil is just too..., March 15, 2011
This pencil is just too dang much fun. I appreciate its retractable tip and down-low grip, as well as shaker advance, for hassle-free drawing on the bus or other less-than-ideal environments. Materials are top-notch, and the brass clutch mechanism gives it a secure, stable feeling, even if the shaker mechanism is, by nature, a bit rattley. The runner grip is comfortable and overall this feels like a very durable tool. I keep this charming pencil in my pocket all the time.
  I switched to the Delful..., February 27, 2014
By bob...
I switched to the Delful for sketching after using a PhD for about 10 years. I mainly bought it because the shape looked similar to the stylus on the Wacom Cintiq and I liked the color. I don't care much for the shake gimmick but thankfully it's optional. The grip's comfortable and I love the weight to this pencil, it's surprisingly heavy for something plastic. Definitely my new favorite, I can onlyhope it lasts as long as the PhD.
  I happened upon this..., January 5, 2014
By moe...
I happened upon this pencil a while back, but it got stolen in school, along with the rest of my pencil case. For the short while I had it, I really liked it. It's got a good weight to it, and the grip isn't too wide for me. The bright colours are what caught my eye, and they look really stunning in person. The shaker mech works well, and I love the retractable tip because it lets you store it wherever you want. It's a great pencil, worthy of addition to anyone's collection.
  I bought this some time..., August 22, 2013
By moe...
I bought this some time ago and it was perfect! Its weight was just right, and I enjoyed fiddling with the cool mechanisms. I never found anything wrong with it. I think this is one of the best pencils out there.
  i ordered this on Tuesday..., December 12, 2012
By fel...
i ordered this on Tuesday i hope it comes asap
  Mine just arrived this..., March 25, 2011
Mine just arrived this morning. I am extremely impressed. I have other shaker pencils from Pilot and this one is equal in style, capability, and performance. click it out, shake, shake, write. Loading it with B leads and "off to the races we go."
  although it is made out..., February 17, 2011
although it is made out of plastic, it feels really solid and high quality...however, the clip cannot open very wide...
the shaking mechanism has a satisfying spring to it too :]
  Got my pencil today!..., February 3, 2011
Got my pencil today! It's really a super mechanical pencil. It has a good feel to it, not too heavy but not too light either. The mechanism works like a dream. Fantastic!!!
  Best Knock Pencil I have..., November 23, 2010
Best Knock Pencil I have ever owned! The retractable function to keep the knock from working whlie in my bag is genius, no more wasted lead.
  I love this pencil :..., September 30, 2010
I love this pencil :D
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  VERY GOOD PENCIL I ADVISE..., December 13, 2012
By fel...
0 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  nice pencil..., January 29, 2012
nice pencil
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  This led pencil is awesome..., December 3, 2011
By ice...
This led pencil is awesome it has good grip and the led is dark and good I say go ahead and get this item as it will last for a long time.
1 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  I hate giving this pencil..., May 27, 2011
By lil...
I hate giving this pencil a 4/5 but it simply does not deserve a full 5. Its beautifully made, and it has the coolest design! However, whenever you write the lead pushes back into the pencil (I write very softly) and is held loosely in the tip. When you shake it the lead comes out!