Pilot Down Force Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Moss Green Body - Black Ink

Pilot Down Force Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Moss Green Body - Black Ink

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This Pilot Down Force ballpoint pen boasts smooth writing at all angles! This means that you can write upside-down or at any angle and still get consistent ink flow. The pen can even write on wet paper. This is achieved through a unique mechanism at work inside the pen—pressing the top button increases the air pressure at the top of the ink refill, causing the ink to be pushed towards the pen tip. No special pressurized ink refills are necessary—simple Pilot BKRF refills, listed under Recommended Refills/Parts, are compatible. Black ink is included with the pen.

• The use of refills other than those listed under Recommended Refills/Parts may cause ink leakage or other malfunctions.
• If ink does not come out when writing, try pressing the top button again.

The pen also features a clip with a sturdy metal spring, ideal for clipping the pen to thick items such as binders. The clip can be used 100,000 times without breaking.

Pushing the top button extends the pen tip, and opening the clip retracts the tip. This ensures that when clipping the pen in your pocket or anywhere else, you do not accidentally leave the tip extended.

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I'm writing another review...
October 9, 2011
Verified Purchase
I'm writing another review for this pen after testing out two other refills in it.

First I tried a Foray ink refill (that is Office Depot's store brand), which was the same size as the Pilot ink cartridge that came with the pen, but the Foray insert has a 1.0mm tip which reduces scratchiness. It goes right into the pen with no trouble, a very easy and cheap upgrade ($0.99)

When it comes to ballpoints I really prefer broader writing tips, so I tried the ink insert from a Papermate Profile ballpoint I had lying around. I don't know if the refills for these are sold separately, but I couldn't find them at an office supply store, so you may have to buy the Profile pen just to get the ink out of it (it easily unscrews and drops right out). Once you have it out of the Profile pen, cut it down to length using the original Pilot insert with scissors--the actual ink inside the sleeve doesn't come anywhere near the cutting point, so no mess. Then just stick it in the Down Force. This refill works great, and the Profile pens have 1.4mm tips so they put down a smooth, bold line (for a ballpoint).

Both of these make this pen useful to me again. There may be other refills that fit this pen, but they simply weren't available in my area--it seems to be a rather standard sized refill though. Using these ink cartridges instead of the original presumably means that the "pressurizing" feature of this pen is lost, which doesn't matter to me because I never write upside-down.

So, the body of this pen is a winner and by spending another few dollars on a better ink refill it goes from bad to good, but it should've been good in the first place so I'm only upgrading my rating to a 3.
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I purchased this at the...
December 23, 2011
I purchased this at the store in Japan when I visited, and I replaced the refill to BVRF-8F-B (Acroball's refll).
The combinaion of Down Force and Acroball's refill (BVRF-8F-B) is perfect because the Down Force have no rubber grip (I always hesitate using Acroball by the unpresant rubber grip) ahd the refill of Acroball is smooth and it is smoother by the pressurization.
The initial cost of Down Force may be higher, but I get more benefit by changing refill.
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I was really excited...
September 22, 2011
Verified Purchase
I was really excited about this pen because of its looks, but functionally, it's been a dud. The body and clip are large and feel sturdy enough, but functionally it writes like a cheap ballpoint. The tip is too fine and it's kind of scratchy as a result. Despite trying it out with a green refill, neither color was very dark on paper.

The body is awesome, the grip is comfortable, and it feels substantial in-hand. If there was a a refill that used gel ink or even one with a broader tip, this would be a better pen. (I don't write upside-down or vertically, so that aspect of the pen never appealed to me.) Unless you really like ballpoints (or know of a better refill to put in it), this one can be passed over.
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The tip is fine which...
March 11, 2014
Verified Purchase
The tip is fine which apparantly is not to everyone's liking but I think its great. This is a sturdy, unusual and extremely likeable pen that writes well and retracts with a sharp and satisfying click.