Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1 4 Color 0.5 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Lavender Body

Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1 4 Color 0.5 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Lavender Body

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This multi pen combines the legendary comfort and quality of Pilot's Dr. Grip line with its low-viscosity Acro ink, which combines the smoothness and vibrancy of a gel pen with the water resistance and fast drying time of a ballpoint. A blend of ink and lubricants ensures that the ball at the pen tip rotates smoothly, creating a gliding, no-skip writing experience. The pen's wide body and comfortable rubber grip are designed to provide a tireless writing experience. The barrel has an attractive, high-quality metallic finish that is also matched by the grip. This multi pen conveniently features black, blue, green, and red inks, plus a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil. A refillable eraser is discretely located under the cap.

To extend the pencil component, slide the clip of the pen down. While the pencil is extended, pressing down the clip further will advance the lead.

This is the Lavender pen. Photos of a pen without its wrapper feature the Mint Green pen.

Also pictured: Apica Wizard Notebook, Kokuyo Novita Alpha Book - Blue

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The pen is great. It...
June 2, 2016
Verified Purchase
The pen is great. It is actually better than I thought the pen could be constructed. The design is better than the pen it replaced.
Can't beat the versatility...
February 18, 2016
Verified Purchase
Can't beat the versatility of this pen.
I really appreciate the...
October 24, 2015
Verified Purchase
I really appreciate the worry free transactions with Jetpens! The pen itself writes flawlessly. I'm very happy with this purchase!
My favorite color. The...
September 30, 2015
Verified Purchase
My favorite color. The super fine ink cartridges, I just love!! Great purchase. I'm ordering for my son and husband soon.
I'm in love with this...
July 29, 2015
Verified Purchase
I'm in love with this Multipen - it's expensive at $15.50, but worth it to me for the quality!
I have 3 of them, and give them away to good friends.
It has a very nice heavy metal feel, not too chunky. and a wonderful grip.
I like the style that is all one color - comes in 5.
It feels and looks very elegant, and classy.
It takes the less expensive Uni refills.
I've tried other brands - Pilot Coleto and Zebra Sarasa (a good buy at half the price, $8) but the feel and look of the Pilot Dr Grip is worth well worth it for me.
Multilpens are not for doing extensive writing, as each color doesn't hold lots of ink.
They are great as the only pen you carry with you wherever you go, for making notes, signing forms or filling out forms, etc.
I am a fountain pen fan, have many Pilot Metropolitans, A collect of Noodlers Ahabs, and many bottles of FP ink.
It is much easier, less messy, safer and more useful to carry the Pilot Dr Grip in my little pouch as I drive around doing errands.
Pilot really makes quality products, for a very reasonable price.