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  I just purchased this..., December 25, 2009
I just purchased this pen and immediately switched out the ink for Uni Style Fit gel cartridges (which fit perfectly) and I adore this pen. The ballpoint pens write nicely, I just prefer the gel ink. This is a wonderful pen, the weight is nice, it's very professional and the grip forces you to hold the pen correctly, which for me leads to better handwriting. I recommend it highly, with or without the pen hack!!
  I LOVE THIS PEN. Too..., October 19, 2013
By joa...
I LOVE THIS PEN. Too bad I've written with Jetstream ink before. That ballpoint ink is the best. This ballpoint ink is meh. But this pen! The weight, the ergonomics, the aesthetics, the fact that I want it with me all the time in an age where I do all my journaling on my phone – that's what makes this pen worth having. It's not just about the ink. And I see that I can change the cartridges from all the reviews. I'll try that! Maybe that will make this pen the ultimate.
  I wanted a 4 + 1 pen..., September 20, 2013
I wanted a 4 + 1 pen that was all matte black including the tip. This pen has got the look I was going for! When using this pen... I always stop to admire the beauty of it hah.

I also have the White Zebra Clip-On 1000S 4 + 1 pen. I went for the Pilot Pen because the Zebra pen's tip was shiny metallic. It caused me to look for a pen that didn't have that metallic shiny tip like the zebra which led me to this pen.

Despite aesthetics, I felt the Zebra was a lot more sturdier and I loved how the switching mechanism felt over the Pilot Dr. Grip which felt a lot more fragile and not as sturdy, but I think it is good enough.

Both the Zebra Clip-On 1000S (sold out here) and this Pilot Pen are the best!
  I've had this pen for..., July 25, 2012
By pcr...
I've had this pen for about 4 yrs if not more. I LOVE it, it's perfect for note taking. I have bought this same line in different colors as gifts and the feedback and smiles it brings just amazing. Will be buying more for future personal use. Thank you Jetpens, your pens and pencils are awesome.

BTW, I've been asked if you offer this pen with a .7 mm lead for the pencil? Also I would personally love to have this pen with all .5 mm lead/refills, is that possible? Do you have .5mm pen refills that would fit this pen? Thank you again
  By far my favorite color..., June 16, 2012
By say...
By far my favorite color of either the first or second series. This matte black version is a home run in the Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1 pens. It's well balanced and feels spectacular. The matte finish makes this one of the best looking versions of this model. You'll feel like you got a pen worth at least twice the price. The versatility is second to none in any field where you have to make notations or edits. Note: buy plenty of extra ink refills in the colors you think you'll use the most.
  Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1 is..., April 10, 2012
By and...
Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1 is a good value for the money. It compares favorably with Coleto Hi TEC-C, the Zebra Clip-On Multi, and the Uni Style-Fit Meister. I appreciate the ability its compatibility with the refills from its other competitors. All the mechanisms are well-engineered and stand up to daily use. The finish is durable; the look under-stated. If you are partial to regualr ball pen refills in a multi-pen, Dr. Grip is worth trying.
  The Dr. Grip 4+1 is fantastic!..., December 28, 2011
By moo...
The Dr. Grip 4+1 is fantastic! I have been looking for a good and classy multicolor fine point pen with a fine point pencil for a long time. This pen/pencil looks great and works great. After the first 2 arrived I ordered 4 more to give as gifts. It would be nice if the instructions were in English so I would know for sure how to change the refills. I pulled really hard and the refill finally came out, but was afraid I might break the pen.
  This pen is AWESOME! It..., November 22, 2011
By mau...
This pen is AWESOME!

It doesn't have as squishy a grip as the original Dr. Grips, but turns out that squishy doesn't equal better for your hands (arthritics, RSI's, carpal tunnelers). But larger grip size, is, because it means your hands/tendons don't have to cramp down as much. And in that regard, this style Dr. Grip still has a large and comfortable barrel. I use it to write several hand-written sheets a week, and it's still great.

The black and the white (pearly) look classiest, in my opinion.

Also, the Sliccies multi-pen refills also fit in these. You just have to remove the little plastic plug at the end. I like them as they are .3mm, and thick enough to be seen, but thin enough to conserve on the ink usage.

  I bought this multi-pen..., August 10, 2011
By kya...
I bought this multi-pen over at a Kinokuniya bookstore in NYC. From the moment I saw it, I knew it would have its usefulness for studying, as it has all of the basic ballpoint pen colors, PLUS, a PENCIL! When I'm studying or taking notes, I prefer to write with pencil for most things and write in pen for important things such as theorems or formulas. This is really great for a college student because instead of wasting precious lecture time by switching pens, you can do it on the fly. My only complaint about this multi-pen is that the grip isn't that great, and with the Dr. Grip series, you kind of expect that. However, the pen is already thick, so placing a nicer grip probably would have made it even thicker. As far as construction goes, this is a pretty sturdy pen, and doesn't creak even though it is made completely out of plastic.
  A very sturdy pen ideal..., June 20, 2011
By and...
A very sturdy pen ideal for every-day use. Being able to use Uni-Fit refills is a definite advantage. I, too, prefer a 0.7 to 1.0 mm tip. I have at least one each of Pilot's multi-pen competitors and Dr. Grip is No. 1 right now.The 4+1 configuration meets all my needs. Unbeatable value for the money!
  I have had this pen for..., May 14, 2011
By mad...
I have had this pen for about two years now. It is still working just like new. The rubber grip has held up very well and clip is very durable. I highly recommend this pen as well as the JetPens web site. My colleagues and I have ordered numerous times from here and have always been happy with the service. A++++
  I bought this pen and..., February 16, 2011
By sku...
I bought this pen and switched out the ink for the UniStyle Fit .38s. It is great. The switching mechanism is very smooth and it is very comfortable to write with. 5 stars!
  I ordered this pen in..., December 31, 2010
I ordered this pen in Bordeaux and I love it! I have to write in many different colors and work so this pen is perfect. The body color is so vivid with a slight metallic shimmer. I tried what a previous reviewer wrote about switching out the ballpoint cartridges with the Style Fit gel ink 1.0m, because I like a thicker ink flow and now this pen is a perfect 10!!
  Easier to get it here..., December 30, 2010
Easier to get it here than on next trip to japan. Perfect for color-coding notes, and everything else.
  i read all the other..., May 18, 2010
By imm...
i read all the other reviews and i cant wait for it to ship!!
  is the grip on this one..., May 9, 2010
By bre...
is the grip on this one like the gspec dr grip grip?
  This multi is very nice...., December 3, 2009
By joe...
This multi is very nice. I enjoy the grip, and the 4 pens/the pencil seem to fit seamlessly inside of the device. It is a good multi pen, don't get me wrong. It would have received a 5 if I could write with the ink smoother. The other reason it did not get a 5 is because, although nice, it is quite expensive considering the "good" but not "outstanding" workmanship. In all, I really like this pencil, and I am glad I bought one.
  Yay! I found a gel refill..., May 7, 2009
By gryph
Yay! I found a gel refill that works with them. Pental Slicci refills, and they have purple! (quickly replaces green with purple) Anyway beautiful pen, and writes nicely even with the Dr. Grip ink it comes with (I just prefer gel.)
  I was addicted to the..., March 17, 2009
I was addicted to the Dr. Grip 1+1, and found the 4+1 by accident and purchased the Black model, when the blue became available I purchased that one too. I am awaiting the Lt. Blue, Pink and Green. I just can't have enough of these pens. They are the greatest ever!!!
  this is a great pen to..., January 15, 2009
this is a great pen to use in class to use
it is easy and writes very smooth
btw do they have new erasers and like caps for this pen/multi
  I purchased this pen..., December 5, 2008
I purchased this pen and the 4+1 light.
Both are awesome, and the only difference (except for the price) between the two really seems to be the weight of the pen.
Dr. Grip = heavy
4+1 light = light... and half the price.

Even the grip on the two pens seemed extremely similar...
I would suggest going with the lower-priced 4+1 instead of this one, if you don't care too much about the weight of the pen :)
  I agree completely with..., November 21, 2008
By trw52
I agree completely with both the strong praise and the minor criticism contained in the first review above. The pen is wonderfully constructed and radiates an aura of quality, precision, balance and heft. The flat black pen is especially attractive and unusual. I have given this versatile pen as a gift several times and it has always been received enthusiastically -- by pre-teens as well as elderly adults.

I also found the ink refills to be a bit inconsistent at times -- apparently a quality control problem -- but I can live with it. A very satisfying purchase.
  Outstanding multi-pen..., October 14, 2008
Outstanding multi-pen for the most part. The weight of it, and the Dr. Grip portion, are absolutely superb. It feels like a serious writing instrument, which is almost unheard of for something so inexpensive. My only criticism is that the pens are a touch inconsistent with the weight of their lines. Perhaps if Hi-Tec C Coleto refills can be used, it would render the Pilot Dr. Grip Multi-pen virtually perfect.

Despite the criticism, I heartily recommend this multi-pen. Outstanding.
  I just received my multi..., August 23, 2008
I just received my multi pen in silver and I'm going to purchase my multi in black. Thank You so much JetPens for this magnificient pen you've created. I write all day long and use different colors for different things and this is amazing because it includes a pencil. The fine point for the pens is great for writing in small sections of all the reports I do and the pencil comes in handy for my everday writing. I'm a customer for life. I truly 100% recommed this pens.