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I was really excited...
March 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
I was really excited to get this pen/pencil, as I am a nursing student and wanted a high-quality refillable multi-pen to take with me to clinicals. I must say that I absolutely love it. However, this was my first-ever Dr. Grip pen and I was very disappointed with the grip - which is what Dr. Grip is famous for. It is very hard and doesn't feel squishy at all. It hardly even feels like there is a grip on it, actually. I decided to give Dr. Grip another chance and ordered the Pure White (with the cute pink accents) and I must say that the grip on that pencil is much softer. That being said, don't order this if you are expecting a nice soft grip. It's really firm, but it still is somehow ergonomic. I love it, and it works perfectly for the purpose that I ordered it for. I also played with it for literally fifteen minutes before I gave up and looked up how to extend the lead in the pencil function (you push the clip down even farther than you may think you should).

Very elegant design
Attractive coloring with a great pearly tint
Many color options that range from professional to fun and cute, for both sexes
Writes very well with clean thin lines and no globs
High quality construction
Does not jam like many multi-pens
Many types of ink refills will fit (great if you are a fan of gel or other types of inks)
Does not skip with high-speed writing
Eraser cap fits firmly and eraser refills are very fairly priced
Everyone wants to know where I got it :)

Grip is not even a little bit soft
Learning to operate the pencil and extend the lead can be a task
Refilling can be a little bit tricky
Everyone keeps asking me if they can have it :(
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If you'd like a gel refill,...
May 7, 2009
Verified Purchase
If you'd like a gel refill, Pentel Slicci fits the bill. Hi Tec C fits, but is too short to be used.
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I must say I'm glad I...
March 11, 2009
Verified Purchase
I must say I'm glad I got this gorgeous pen. Pearl white, sophisticated and polished. I considered getting the light as this is my second 4+1, but I wanted the polished look this offers... no see through plastic cap nor plastic clip. Of course if you don't mind that the light is half the price and others have said just as good. I must say I like this pen and am very happy with this purchase! (I also don't use the eraser so I will never lose the top) I switched one of my inks with the Pentel Energel 2 0.5 liquid gel pen refill and couldn't be happier with the lines it produces. I am trying to see if there's a Hi tech I can use.
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This pen looks great...
December 29, 2015
Verified Purchase
This pen looks great and is very comfortable to hold, but, unfortunately, it doesn't work very well. The mechanism sticks, jams, and slips continually - especially with the pencil. In fact, the pencil barely works at all. Very disappointing. In fact, a pain in the butt. Since I use the pencil a lot, I've found that this pen is more trouble than it's worth, and I've stopped using it. The comparable Zebra and Uni multi-pens work a lot better for me, and I recommend them to you, especially if you rely on the pencil.
I was meaning to order...
November 1, 2012
I was meaning to order one of these, then ended up finding one in perfect condition at school. Overall I quite like it, but I find that the clip feels very flimsy and I don't like the color of the green or red pens at all.
The refills which came...
June 5, 2011
The refills which came with this pen write very nicely, a fine line but not too fine, and no globs or smearing. The pen is well-made and is a very nice color, a pearly white and the grip looks like it matches really well. I don't rate it well because, for me, it's too difficult to write with: the silicon/rubber grip is too loose. I tend to grip my pens and pencils a little tightly, and it makes the grip on this pen slide all over the metal sleeve underneath of it.
To answer the question...
April 25, 2011
Verified Purchase
To answer the question about changing the lead, it's simple,unscrew the pen tip the pencil apparatus is on a clear tube, you just pull that out, put lead in, and refasten it, nothing breaks, or comes apart when you do this. You just make sure it's secure before you put the tip back on. The ink is the same place, you just pull out ink tube, and put refill in spot you pulled the ink from. push till it's secure, feel free to pull it to make sure.
Great pen until you try...
September 24, 2010
Verified Purchase
Great pen until you try to add more ink or pencil lead. There are no instructions anywhere that show you exactly how to change the ink or add lead. The instructions posted on the ink refill packages themselves are incorrect as well. I had to break my pen before I realized exactly how you change the ink.

To change the ink.
Unscrew the tip of the pen to access the individual inks. Press down on the ink you want to change so that the ink cartridge slides down. Grab the ink tip and pull until it slips off. You may need some small pliers to do this. Once you have the spent ink out you should still be left with the clicker located at the top of the pen. Now take your refill, pull the clicker off of it, and slide it up into the slot where you pulled the spent ink out of. Give it a good push until it feels tight and stays. Now screw the tip of the pen back on and you should be finished.

To change the pencil lead.
I still have no clue how to change lead. The only thing I have figured out is how to push one piece of lead up into the hole. According to what I read online you are supposed to pull off the gold looking piece to add more lead but, I'm too chicken to try it.
Great Pen. None of the...
November 4, 2009
Great Pen. None of the colors are dull. They pen actually writes smoother than I would imagine. Having the advent of 5 uses in one pen, you might think you would have to give up something. But actually, this pen is awesome. It's very durable and writes great. Good purchase.
This pen is a beauty,...
May 4, 2007
Verified Purchase
This pen is a beauty, writes smoothly too.
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