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This pencil is one of...
September 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
This pencil is one of the best. It is very ergonomic; the grip is not too squishy at all unlike the uni ax gel so it is perfect for holding. Also because in the middle of the pencil, it fits nicely in your hand (I have small hands). When you write with it, you can feel how strong it holds the lead and how much control you have of this pencil. It is very nice looking (blue is my favorite color) and the mechanism is the expensive bonus of the pencil. I don't like to use the SHAKER mechanism at school because I don't want to be grabbing anyone's attention, distracting someone, or be a show off during class and I wouldn't want someone to steal this awesome looking and feeling pencil.
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This pencil is just amazing,...
March 19, 2014
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This pencil is just amazing, its probaly the best Dr.Grip out there. So is yuo cant decied wha Dr.Grip you want to buy spend the extra money and get the full black dual layer.!!!
I love the design of...
April 18, 2011
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I love the design of this pencil, i even got the pen! I'd choose this one over the "purewhite" series. If you like the metal barrel from the other dr. grip then i wouldnt recommend this pen for you as its mostly made out of plastic and its lighter.

And yes you can put a piece of paper in it and see what it says!
Yes you can put in a...
January 3, 2012
Yes you can put in a piece of paper in to the pencil.
And this is the best shaker pencil
can you put a piece of...
March 10, 2010
can you put a piece of paper in the top part. you know you take out the top part and take out the middle stick, and in the other dr. grip pencils the part with the clip is see through and you can put a paper with a design on the and then reassemble the pencil/pen, and you can see that paper with the design through the top part of the barrel. does that work with this pencil too or is it covered by the black?
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