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I have been using Dr...
January 25, 2012
I have been using Dr Grip series over decades.
It was must-have item when I was in elementary to high-school in Japan. Great grip, shaker function, and cool colors. Only con is that its grip gets yellowish, sticky, and dirty over 1-2 years. I guess, you can buy a new Dr.Grip every 1-2 years. Also, you can personalize it by inserting small-sized photo/art. I inserted a picture of my cat.

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Left-handed and in love...
January 2, 2016
Verified Purchase
Left-handed and in love with this pencil! I am definitely recommending this one to any lefties. Worth the price in my opinion.
I have a pencil just...
June 2, 2012
I have a pencil just like this one, and it's grey... I HEART IT!!! I like it better than the squishy gel ones because it is firmer... LUV IT!
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