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  GOOD -The sh-aka sh-aka..., May 4, 2010
-The sh-aka sh-aka is good
-The grip doesn't sweat

- the shaka shaka can over shake
  THIS IS AWSOME!!!!..., November 9, 2011
By 14j...
  The best, most amazing..., June 2, 2011
By myy...
The best, most amazing pencil ever! Unlike the Alpha Gel grips, this grip is not too hard and not too squishy, just soft enough to be perfectly comfortable to write with. The design fits with your fingers perfectly, so the pencil's comfortable to hold, and the customization makes this an even more fantastic pencil. Definitely the best I've ever used.
  One of my favorite pencils!..., March 26, 2010
By hol...
One of my favorite pencils! It is my most favorite grip, it is so comfortable, not awkward, and very comfortable. If you do not like your pencil grip, then you have to buy this pencil.
I have just bought the new "Full Black" one to day, so once I get that I will also right a review on it.
  Good: -Very stylish -Grip..., January 14, 2010
-Very stylish
-Grip that is not too soft, not too hard
-Amazing Shaker
-Good for long and short periods of writing
  This works very well..., December 29, 2009
By liv...
This works very well and worth $9. It has a nice cushiony grip and is very comfortable to write with.
  this by far is well worth..., May 29, 2009
this by far is well worth $9
however, its cousin, has more of a heavy, and metal
expensive feel to it
whichever you like best =)
  great..., February 10, 2009
0 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  This pencil sucks. I..., December 13, 2010
By tan...
This pencil sucks. I have two one purple and one green and they work horrible. Get the oxy gels. They are better. Grip is less soft than the ox gels. Ox gels have squishy grip. More comfortable than dr grip.