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this pencil seems like...
August 9, 2011
this pencil seems like a very elegant high quality pencil:

- Great grip
- elegant look
- Pocket safe
- Durable

- Can get dirty easily
- Clip may get in the way
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This pencil caught my...
April 18, 2013
Verified Purchase
This pencil caught my eye because of its cunning looks.
-its pure white contrasted by the blue makes it stand out which makes it look good
-its very sturdy and the grip is good for a person who has sweaty hands
-after some use I would clean it for it is white and might turn dark from dust dirt everyday use
-shaking mech. is alright like it comes out from the slightest shake which will kinda annoy me but pretty good its not like other bad shaky pencils where you have to shake it really hard to get the lead out of it.
-the way the pencil works is great.
-writes very smoothly with the vary of the lead your using.
Overall this pencil was great it was worth the wait. I couldn't wait to get it!
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I like the all white...
March 6, 2015
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I like the all white color scheme. The blue accents are just enough to make it stand out. Works great.
March 2, 2015
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Perfect pencil no complaints....
February 1, 2015
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Perfect pencil no complaints. I just wish that I didn't lose it at school my second month of ownership.
Ignore my name
the best ...
January 16, 2015
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the best
I want to first start...
November 1, 2012
Verified Purchase
I want to first start off saying this is an amazing pencil. I own multiple ones with my oldest one being about 6 years, and they all still work. Its very comfortable to use and I love them. However, I bought this pencil on how it looks to add to my collection, I was a little disappointed.
I thought this pencil would be like this one, but with the blue accents and white tips on the top and bottom. ncil-0.5-mm-White-Grip/pd/3101

However, the part above the grip doesn't have the clear shell above the white case, its just a white case, which looks a little flat compared to the other one. To solve this, I just switched the top part from my other white pencil to get the look I was looking for, and it looks stunning. It still looks fine how it is out of the box, and would still recommend this to people.
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Diameter 4.8 mm, length...
July 18, 2012
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Diameter 4.8 mm, length 7.3 mm
Does this eraser size good for this pensil?
this pencil is amazi...
January 7, 2012
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this pencil is amazing!
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Doesn't this pencil probably...
May 27, 2011
Doesn't this pencil probably get dirty with led and other dirt easily and then it looks gross??? Just wondering...
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