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Small, comfortable, good...
January 30, 2011
Small, comfortable, good for the price.
One thing to note:
There is no eraser. It looked like there was one under the cap in the photo to me, but that's actually the lead tube.
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I use this with a no....
November 1, 2010
I use this with a no. 10 Rhodia notebook, for jotting down ideas or quick sketching. This is useful if you are one to carry around a pencil everywhere you go - it's cute, it's comfy and it fits in most pockets/attaches to cell phones.
There is a wide range of colours available, which are very appealing.
squishy grip, good for...
June 6, 2010
squishy grip, good for grip-lovers.

for the price, okay pencil.
I tend to hold my writing...
May 1, 2009
Verified Purchase
I tend to hold my writing utencils "improperly" which tends to make my hands tired relatively quickly. But over time, I've figured out certain kinds of designs that gets me to hold them "properly" and to reduce my strain. Lo and behold, this very miniature pen gets me to do that! It's a very nice item to have around, and I can feel the immediate comfort while writing with this (I have rather big hands, too, btw!). Woulda been nice if it had an eraser, but then again, long-term-wise, I'd probably be using an outside eraser. Very transportable, lead comes out at an excellent interval (for mine), and I think I may begin to use this regularly/long-term for school! Great product, as expected from Dr. Grip! (As currently pictured on this site, the actual pen is more of a teal color than a regular blue color.)
I'm not particularly...
January 16, 2009
Verified Purchase
I'm not particularly impressed with these, since I have three, and they all advance the lead different amounts. Two of them advance a bit too far for my tastes, and since they are planned as good behavior rewards for my daughter, I'm afraid she may have trouble breaking the leads. We'll see. Considering the price, they are a fair deal I'd say.
Very handy. The strap...
December 21, 2007
Very handy. The strap can go an a keychain, put is made for going on a cell phone. The retracting tip makes it safe for pockets. Fun to use. Good grip, too. Lightweight. No metal to damage cell phone; all plastic on outside.
do you guys sell all...
December 12, 2010
do you guys sell all these pencils in the big office stores or no
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