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3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  These pens have a really..., January 26, 2009
These pens have a really stiff, sharp tip that causes them to spray and make irregular, scratchy lines. If you are trying to do a fine, clear line drawing you will find yourself very frustrated. However, if you are using them for cross hatching and shading they are absolutely brilliant and produce a very nice, almost dip pen quality line. Take that for whats its worth. I use the 005 for the finishing touches on all of my ink drawings.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  This pen was great while..., January 26, 2011
By gel...
This pen was great while it lasted.By the second week i had it, the nib, was fully smashed in, and I could not use it anymore. And even though it was not much $ I still find this is a real bad pen.

I don\'t recommend it.
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  This pen in very good..., November 18, 2010
This pen in very good for inking drawings, or even writing, Although, They never lasted to long, I think because i used it on thick paper. Don't use this on thick paper like sketchbooks, then they will only last about a week. Very good pen, but bad for sketching.
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  To reviewers below, you..., May 12, 2010
To reviewers below, you must use smooth paper to use super thin point pens such as these. This also goes for fountain pens. You cannot use regular cheap recycled paper found in common stores such as Staples etc...has to be smooth paper e.g., Clairefontain paper pads or notebooks, Rhodia etc. Also, some of the better photocopy papers will work good with these, the smooth more expensive type (usually for color copy).
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I use this pen frequently..., May 3, 2010
By fri...
I use this pen frequently in school projects because the lines are extremely thin. I am an artist, so this is helpful for fine lines. However, the lines don't come out to be perfect lines, and they are somewhat scratchy.