Pilot Elabo Fountain Pen - Red - Soft Fine Nib

Pilot Elabo Fountain Pen - Red - Soft Fine Nib

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With its rhodium-plated 14K gold nib and glossy resin body, the elegant look of the Elabo fountain pen exudes sophistication. The Pilot Elabo, also known as the Pilot Falcon or Namiki Falcon, has stylish silver accents and a unique clip shape with a gentle elegant curve. The soft flexible nib glides across the paper, letting you create gentle line variation with just a light touch. The resulting writing is beautiful, and enhances the sweeping strokes and tapers that characterize Asian writing. This feature also translates well when you write in other languages. The nib has a unique shape that is different from typical flexible nibs, which is what allows you to use a soft touch and create a unique, smooth writing sensation.

This pen comes in a gift box, and one black ink cartridge and one CON-50 converter is included.

The pen used in the video features the Pilot Elabo Fountain Pen - Soft Extra Fine Nib - Black Body found here.

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I am running more Pilots...
March 13, 2016
Verified Purchase
I am running more Pilots in my 24 pin rotation than any other make. This is my second SF Elabo and frankly, I'd be happy with 21 more of them. If you did the math you know that leaves one position unaccounted for in my 24 pen rotation. That position is held by a 40 something year old Sheaffer PFM that is as good, but not better than the Elabo - that should tell you how good the Elabo is. If you want the best at a very affordable price, don't miss this one.
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I have both the older...
October 21, 2015
I have both the older Namiki Falcon (2012) and newer Pilot Elabo (2015). I purchased them for mainly pen & ink sketching. Both are very nice pens. However, the Namiki SF (soft fine) performs better with a very consistent ink flow and a nice variegated line quality. It is very reliable, giving me the drawing quality I am seeking at the moment and putting down ink even if it has set awhile.

I haven't cleaned and played with the tines of the Elabo, but I am sure it can be improved with some TLC. When Pilot changed this pen from their elite line of Namiki to the Pilot line of pens I wonder if some of the individual craftsmanship was given up?
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I purchased this pen...
October 29, 2014
Verified Purchase
I purchased this pen as a gift for a friend's daughter, so I have only cleaned the nib and converter, and dipped the nib in ink to test it. I have seen reviews that say the Elabo is a renamed Pilot Namiki Falcon. While I can see the similarities (I also have a Falcon) I have the impression that the Elabo has more heft than the Falcon. My first impression of the Falcon was that it was very light; I don't have that impression of the Elabo. I also don't have access to my Falcon at the moment, so I can't actually do a real time comparison.

The pen's red color is a nice red. Not too dark, and definitely not "almost red". It is plastic. The flex nib is flexy. The box, which also has one ink cartridge, is a box, nothing special. I think my friend's daughter will be pleased with the pen and the bottle of Pilot Iroshizuki ink. I am sure the nib will do justice to her nice penmanship!

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