Pilot Elite 95S Fountain Pen - Medium Nib - Deep Red Body

Pilot Elite 95S Fountain Pen - Medium Nib - Deep Red Body

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Add a sophisticated, retro touch to your style when you slip the classic Pilot Elite 95S Fountain Pen into your shirt pocket. The 14K gold nib gives the pen a hint of luxury, while the smoothly shaped body creates an intriguing look. When capped, it's short and lightweight at 15 grams, great for carrying around without weighing down on you or your things. When the cap is posted, the pen's standard length makes it comfortable for writing.

Pilot's Elite S fountain pen was first introduced in 1968 and enjoyed great popularity especially as a wonderful gift for celebrating school admittance or a new job. The Elite 95S is based on the 2nd-generation Elite S from 1975, and mirrors the vintage feel of a pen from those times.

This pen comes in a gift box, and one black ink cartridge is included.

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I dithered a while before...
March 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
I dithered a while before buying this pen: Medium, or Fine? I've owned quite a few Pilot pens, and they have ALL, without exception, run about a grade finer than their American or European counterparts. I like a F nib, so with Pilot I've always been happiest with a medium; this has been true most recently with a Pilot Metropolitan and a Pilot Kak√ľno. I have mediums in both, and they are like a Kaweco or Conklin or Franklin-Christoph or Edison F.

However, I have to agree with the review I read someplace that the Elite 95S (or its US-packaged version, the E-95S) does not seem to run finer. I ordered a M, wanting a fine line, and I got a Medium line. So keep this in mind if you're looking at this pen. This is no knock on the pen, but know what you're getting. Why this is, I can't say.

But that M line is very smooth; flow is probably a tick to the wet side, maybe a 6 or 7; it easily keeps up with any writing speed without being sloppy wet. This is also a small and very lightweight pen. It's plenty long enough even for my meathooks (I wear an 8-1/2 or XL surgical glove, if that helps) and fits comfortably in the hand length-wise. But it's pretty slender, and so lightweight that it feels insubstantial. I'd prefer just a bit more heft.

None of these things reflect poorly on the pen per se. If you have a smaller hand and like a light pen, and know what you're getting nib-wise, then you will like it a lot. I like it too, and I'm getting used to these things. But if I'd not inked it, I'd have returned it for the F of my dreams.
smooth nib true M
I bought this pen for...
September 23, 2014
I bought this pen for my girlfriend, and it was even more elegant in person. The nib is wonderfully smooth, but not the smoothest EVER (that needn't be a bad thing. There was a touch of feedback, which is desirable to feel the paper and to keep one's handwriting neat). I had excellent service with Jetpens and I would buy this again, perhaps one for myself in the future!