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This pen writes well...
February 12, 2013
Verified Purchase
This pen writes well and the ink is quite nice (too bad there isn't a blue ink option).

However, please be warned that you probably shouldn't buy many extras if you want to stock up and use them later.

I bought a couple dozen of these pens, in all point/tip sizes last March (2012). In the past month, I've tried using them and they've all dried out except for one of the medium/broad point pens.

It's unfortunate that the cap or the body fail to keep the pens properly sealed. I'd suggest getting replacements every couple of months and not storing them for more than a few months, at most.

FYI, I did try a few things to "re-activate" the pens after trying to write with them on various types of paper. I soaked the tips of a couple of pens in 90% rubbing/isopropyl alcohol and then in some warm water, both for a few hours, testing the pens every 15 minutes, or so. Nothing helped.

Twenty plus pens worth nothing now...

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The only negative aspect...
July 26, 2012
Verified Purchase
The only negative aspect of these Pilot Envelope Pens is that there are NEVER enough of them in stock to purchase when you want to. I had received an email telling me they were in stock (all three versions) and finally got a chance to get online to purchase them a mere HOURS later, and they were already out of stock!

I really do love the deep black line these pens create. I had expected, or hoped rather, that the ink would dry with a more obvious shine but was disappointed a little when it came down to it. While these pens have written their way into my top 5 favorite pens, I am still on a seemingly endless search for a shiny pen. I do feel the need to mention that you will be required to prime the pens on another piece of paper before writing on an envelope in the event you find yourself putting it down with the cap off for any length of time. This isn't a big enough irritation to warrant a lesser rating however, which is why the rating stands at a strong five. Also, I am extremely sensitive to fragrances, and these pens don't register to me enough to complain about. I have on the rare occasion smelled them, but the scent was gone as quickly as it had appeared. Mine do not seem to smell the entire time I use them.
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Great pen for everyday...
February 25, 2011
Verified Purchase
Great pen for everyday use. Ink is smooth and dark and the pen glides effortlessly over paper. It smells a little like a Sharpie, but I don't mind. It's cheap too!
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Is bleeding through 90g...
December 5, 2010
Verified Purchase
Is bleeding through 90g Clairefontaine paper. Ink smells something awful. Nice black ink but I won't buy again.
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Very nice gel pen, writes...
August 24, 2012
Very nice gel pen, writes very dark line and it does smells a bit only if you come extremely close to it I really do not care about the smell at all because I cannot even smell it. What really bother me was that the extra fine is not that fine because the paper that I wrote on absorbed all the ink and the lines became like a 0.7mm or 1.00
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I absolutely adore this...
November 19, 2010
Verified Purchase
I absolutely adore this pen! The intensely rich, smooth black ink makes writing with it a pleasure. Since the gel is oil-based, it makes a great anti-fraud check writing pen. (Yeah, I'm old school.) The fast drying time is an added bonus. I prefer the "fine" pen for it's thick and juicy line. The line created by the "fine" pen is about 0.8 millimeters . I hope JetPens will continue to stock this pen as long as they are still being made! I'm always sure to add some of these pens to whatever I order!
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This and the extra fine...
June 12, 2012
Verified Purchase
This and the extra fine are my favorite pens of all time. I have a hard time finding comfortable pens (my hands cramp easily) and for some reason these are perfect for me! I love the smooth flowing lines, the fact that the ink dries very quickly (left-handed so I always drag my hand through whatever I am writing). I have been collecting pens and pencils for over 20 years, and this is my ultimate favorite. They do have a slight smell when you write with them, but all the oil-based pens I have used seem to have the same smell. I use them for any and all writing. They do have a tendency to bleed through (the extra the least, the bold the most) papers so I would recommend trying an extra fine to fine first.
Bold is perfect for larger packages and will not puncture packages/envelopes as you write the address. They all work great on homemade paper and thicker journal paper. they will bleed through on general paper, moleskines, etc.
It is a sad day when one of my Pilot Envelope pens runs out of ink :(
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This pen was the dark...
September 22, 2011
Verified Purchase
This pen was the dark horse of my order and immediately became my favorite. The body is a little wider than most and writes like a dream. The fine tip writes boldly but not too broadly. I'll definitely get a few more of these on my next order. It will bleed through, but
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This is now my go to...
August 27, 2016
Verified Purchase
This is now my go to pen. I like the feel as I write. Ok... Not so pretty. And I have to mark the pens because I have extra fine, fine, and broad. But this is the best.
Smooth and doesn't b...
June 9, 2016
Verified Purchase
Smooth and doesn't bleed.
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