Pilot FP-78G Fountain Pen - 22K Gold-Plated Fine Nib - Black

Pilot FP-78G Fountain Pen - 22K Gold-Plated Fine Nib - Black

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Pen comes with CON-20 converter only, does not include ink cartridge.

If you're looking for a classic pen, the Pilot FP-78G fountain pen might be the perfect one for you. The resin body makes the pens ergonomically comfortable and lightweight. Each pen comes with a Pilot CON-20 converter pre-installed so you can fill your pen with the fountain pen ink of your choice. Screw type cap will ensure a tight seal every time you cap your pen. Pen is compatible with Pilot ink cartridges.

Pen dimensions: 5.31 inches (13. 5 cm) capped, 4.72 inches (12 cm) uncapped, 5.9 inches (15 cm) posted.

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Fantastic FP. Fine nib...
March 15, 2011
Verified Purchase
Fantastic FP. Fine nib writes more like EF or even extra extra fine. Surprisingly has some flex. Would have preferred a Medium nib (which is available at other sites) as it would give me a truer Fine nib (Japanese F pretty much equals EF western). The aeromatic converter comes with the pen (cannot see how much ink goes in though but 4 to 5 squeezes with couple of seconds wait in between squeezes does a job and fills it)...I use Noodlers black bulletproof ink and is great.

Do not forget to use smooth paper with fountain pens otherwise the purpose is defeated; Use Clairefontaine, Rhodia papers (I prefer blank/plain or squared rules and sometimes french ruled notebooks).

This pen also comes in Medium and Broad (it is actually italic nib) but at this moment Jetpens do not have them yet. Hopefully they will soon.

This pen outperformes many of my fountain pens that cost couple of hundred dollars. Do not hesitate especially if you write small. This is usefull for small notebooks too so more text can be squeezed per page.
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This is the best sketching/dra...
June 13, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is the best sketching/drawing fountain pen under $30 in the world. Trust me, I've tried a lot of them and have been sorely disapointed in every one but the 78g. The pen is straight forward in design. There is nothing complex or flashy, but the fit and finish are spot-on. The line is utra-fine, but with a little added pressure it is easy so coax more ink from the nib. A word of caution though, to say that the nib has flex would be innacurate. This is not a tempered nib and if you try to "flex" it, you will certainly permanently deform the tines, as I almost did. Ink flow is perfect with no skipping and the nib glides across the paper.
Unfortunately, this pen has been missing for the last four days so I will be purchasing a new one as soon as they are back in stock.
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I just got my Pilot 78g...
July 29, 2011
Verified Purchase
I just got my Pilot 78g F nib and have tested it on all sorts of paper,
with an ink I trust (Diamine Oxblood).
On all papers, the pen performed beautifully laying down a extra, extra fine line with little pressure.
For example, on rough sketching paper the Lamy EF nibs are really skratchy and tend to skip,
but the 78g was smooth and had no problems skipping.
On fine quality Rhodia paper, the line was even finer!
It wrote soooo smoothly too!
I have about 6 Lamy Safari EF pens and the Pilot 78g is not only finer than all of them,
but writes smoother too.
I love the look of the Sarafi and the colors,
but in terms of writing ability the 78g outperforms them all.
Of course, the Pilot 78g feels much cheaper and lighter than the Safari\'s but it\'s half the price.
I highly recommend these pens, especially for students (e.g. in note-taking, thin line = fast drying time)
and for mathematics.
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Very smooth and writes...
September 6, 2011
Very smooth and writes wonderfully. I will buy another copy of this of different barrel color.
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